Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scott pisses me off AND bans me from posting on his latest posting (it seems)

I tried to leave another comment on Scott's personal blog, but, too late. Suddenly his post was "Sorry, comments are closed for this item." And that on my birthday!

Well, you don't have to miss my comments. I've left the thing I wanted to add here, and debate is welcome on my blog. Imagine it under the last post:
Membership breakdown at ProgBlog

Update: Scott's math seems to be worse than mine too. Have a look at what's wrong with his presented Membership Breakdown at ProgBlog

I already said the reason it was removed..
Yes but you didn't before message 1. of this posting. That's my point. You left a reply saying that I went overboard on the title (so fashionably liberal of you!), but that was all. I had to find out myself I was censored.

One more:
And stop trying to paint my motives for not listing the BLogging Tories who are amongst our group.

Is it unfair to mention that I find it important to see the listings of Blogging Tories in the breakdown as well, for the reason outlined in the post. So where is the paint? Was it the question mark you had trouble with?

The ungrounded accusations, that you seem unwilling to debate, make you look like a bloody biased partisan hack. And I get really tired of arguing with partisan hacks, regardless what party they represent.


Goodwin Ginger said...

Dude you have to let this go. Progressive Bloggers has decided that their "image" is the most important thing and that means making a similar set of calculations that are made by all political actors these days: a mad dash for the center.

It of course involves a large logical fallacy but politics to these guys is about perception not principle. Although if they get a chance they will make a faux stand on principle.

Get over it. Cherniak and Kinsella won the battle over at progressive bloggers although they have lost the war. Scott knows they f*cked up and at least the "manners" Zsars have moved to codify there edicts so at least the peasants will have some small way to hold them accountable. And in another 200 years there will be full democracy @ PB once they have perfected message control. Why should the history of democracy be any different over at Progressive Bloggers?

There are better things to spend your blogging time on. Why don't you just de-list from progressive bloggers. We did, and it did not hurt our hit count at all. Indeed, after Kinsella targeted us we got the same number of hits a day as Cherniak.

Steve V said...

The irony, I linked here through the Progressive Blogger frontpage. Think about that for a second.

Goodwin Ginger said...

If thee was irony index that would indeed rate about a 4.5 on 100 point scale.

Erik Abbink said...

Look what "Steve" has to say here, and we know how we can rate the "irony".

If you are an anal, hair splitter, I guess it would be, to the rest of the world it's statistically irrelevant. Move on, this post is useless.

BTW, Scott has done a lot for the blogging community. Just thought I'd mention that to balance all the crap he is taking. Thanks Scott!

Steve's as bad with irony as with math.

Psychols said...


Happy Birthday. Too bad Scott pissed you off. He means well but he is starting to act like a bit of a jerk. Maybe he is stressed because some of us saw fit to question the Blahg ban.

Scott knows they f*cked up and at least the "manners" Zsars have moved to codify there edicts so at least the peasants will have some small way to hold them accountable

I disagree with a lot of what Goodwin wrote above but this part was hilarous.

Erik Abbink said...

Thanks, Psychols.

Just got myself a couple of Grolsch beers to celebrate.

To answer your question earlier; yes, I do consider leaving, but will give it a few more weeks before I decide.


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