Saturday, February 18, 2006

Halifax student not sorry he printed cartoons

This 17 year old high school student from Halifax get's it right too. Officials from his private high school don't return calls....

London Free Press - National News - Student not sorry he printed cartoons : University paper defiant after running cartoons

Why is it that a University paper gets it right (publishing the cartoons) but the mainstream media is silent when they should not be? There are at least two reasons I can come up with. The press is afraid and feel intimidated by what has happened in other countries, in short: they are cowards. They also "don't want to offend" from an economical POV: printing the cartoons might mean cancelled subscriptions. They chose to stay silent, and play the "responsibility" card for PR reasons. Economics and cowardness have contributed to the sad state of North America's mainstream media. And this cartoon row shows it once again.

Thanks Toronto! : University paper defiant after running cartoons

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Boycott Chapters and Indigo bookstores

Here's a bookstore chain that will not display the latest edition of the Western Standard. Why? Because in the latest issue The Western Standard has chosen to print the infamous cartoons depicting prophet Muhammad.

The last time I got offended at Chapters was having to go through all the hyped gossip and entertainment magazines to find one of my favourite magazines, the Economist.

Well, no Chapters for me anymore. I agree with other to boycott Chapters, Indigo and all the others that consider not selling a specific issue because a few cartoons "might offend some reader". I have been offended double: no Western Standard and the junk magazines are still there!

BTW I would never buy the Western Standard :), but that's not what this is about, is it?

See the CBC: CBC Saskatchewan - Sask. bookstores won't display magazine with Prophet cartoons

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cartoon row highlights deep divisions

Here's a good analyses of what's going on. I'll comment on it later, because there's something else too:

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Cartoon row highlights deep divisions

Friday, February 03, 2006

Is Islam full of hate?

Ok, the Islam doesn't like it when others depict the prophet Mohammad, but do these cartoons justify this?

The dispute spread to London for the first time. More than 500 people, led by the extremist group al-Ghuraba, formerly al-Mujahiroun, marched to the Danish embassy in Knightsbridge carrying banners calling on Muslims to "massacre" those who insult Islam and chanting: "Britain, you will pay, 7/7 on its way.
Full story in The Guardian

Or this?
"If there had been a Muslim to carry out Imam Khomeini's fatwa against the renegade Salman Rushdie, this rabble who insult our Prophet Mohammed in Denmark, Norway and France would not have dared to do so," Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said.

"I am sure there are millions of Muslims who are ready to give their lives to defend our prophet's honour and we have to be ready to do anything for that," said Nasrallah.
Full story on IRIB