Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TN! of the Week: Charles Momy, President Canadian Police Association

This is what got Charles Momy nominated:

Charles Momy

The bottom line is that [tasers] saves lives," said Charles Momy, president of [the Canadian Police Association].

Repeating misinformed corporate mantra's has got you nominated for Taser-Nazi of the week.


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Thank you.

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Francois said...

I find it incredible that someone, after all the deaths in Canada, has the nerve to come up and say something like that.
And the worst part is that the government is goint to listen to people like this and increase the use of tasers.
When will the rights and security of citizens regain some value?

OneWorld said...

The police associations want us to continue to use tasers until it is proven that tasers directly kill people. This is ridiculous! The onus is most certainly on those that want to use tasers to prove that tasers are safe! We can NOT allow Canadian police officers to be equipped with tasers unless it is PROVEN that tasers do not kill people and that tasers do not torture people! Amnesty International states that tasers can torture and kill!...continued here...

Eric said...

The onus is most certainly on those that want to use tasers to prove that tasers are safe!

Good point. And while they are at it, let the Canadian Police Association prove that more lives have been saved (through employment of the taser) than lives lost.

Of course the Canadian Police Association can't do that; for these taser-nazis this is all just a game. They know quite well they can't prove any of it, with or without onus.

Best they can do is spread misinformation (tasers save lives), hence the report today.

Welcome to Canada's neo-con era.

lordzion said...

I plead with people to take a minute out of your life and visit this site to sign a petition against taser use in Canada this site is dictated to Robert Dziekanski and has 3,559 signatures so far.

If Canadians take the same attitude as usual and say nothing can be done then nothing will change Here is a site to sign a petition against taser use dictated to Robert Dziekanski http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/212297027

Eric said...

Thanks, Lord Zion. Here's a clickable link:

Sign the Petition against Tasers in Canada

Now go and sign it, everyone!

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