Thursday, February 19, 2009

Widely posted New York Post cartoons show how racist North America really is

Who remembers the Muhammad cartoons? I do. Then none of the major news outlets in North America were willing to publicize the cartoons. Reason? Respecting religious views; the cartoonsy were supposedly too offensive.

Fast forward 3.5 years, and then check this out (click picture for larger version):

Fortunately I'm not the only person (video) offended by the "Obama is a mad monky that deserves to die" cartoon, and the New York Post has now apologized for the cartoon, sort of.

I can somewhat understand that a right-wing tabloid newspaper makes "the mistake" of printing a racist cartoon. But considering the fact that none of the major news outlets in North America published the Mohammad cartoons, should they then not do the same with the offensive monkey-Obama cartoon by not publishing it?

Apparently not:
New York Times, LA Times, CNN, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Kansas City Star, Fox, Washington Times, Associated Press, CBC - SHAME ON YOU for your inconsistency when it comes to publicizing offensive cartoons.

How do you think the black community feels when they see one of their own being depicted as a monkey that deserves to be murdered by white policemen? Don't you think blacks can feel offended? Where's the respect for coloured people? Where's the consistency here?

Obviously North America is still a racist continent, one in which religion deserves far more respect than black people.

Surprised? anyone?

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