Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TN! of the Week: Julian Fantino, Commissioner Ontario Police

Tasers, tasers, tasers!

If you were waiting for this week's report on taser abuse in Canada then you can keep waiting for while.

A report on [taser use] that was expected this week at a police chiefs convention has been delayed until next year.
I suppose it's tough to report on such an inconvenient truth when one of your main sponsor is so heavily involved in the outcome of the report.
Taser International is one of the top $ponsor$ of the police chiefs' conference.
Indeed, the always humble Taser International. Not that Steve Palmer (Canadian Police Research Centre) would tell you about this particular conflict of interest, no, there's a better explanation (wink, wink):
"It's important that this (report) is done well and that this is done in a way that brings value to a broad group of stakeholders: public, police, and policy makers," Palmer said at a news conference Tuesday at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police convention.
I see, "done well". Yes of course, now I get it, "well done" Steve. Taser's sponsorship of the convention has got nothing to do with it.
Taser International is one of the top $ponsor$ of the police chiefs' conference.
Oh really? Gosh, I had no idea. Are you sure?
Taser International is one of the top $$$$$ponsor$$$$$ of the police chiefs' conference.
But that wouldn't affect any of the "events" at such a conference, would it?
Ontario's provincial police commissioner says there is nothing wrong with Taser International sponsoring a police chiefs' conference.
I told you so, didn't I?

Taser Nazi of the Week - Julian Fantino
Now here's how Julian Fantino got himself nominated for Taser Nazi of the Week.

Julian Fantino says the weapons have saved many lives and are a tool like any other.

"The issue is not so much the tool as the rhetoric that revolves around it," he said. "I think the debate has gone off the rails.

"In my experience that particular device has saved many lives."

Fortunately the lazy-lapdog-journalists of "the Canadian Press" had for once their follow up question ready, asking for some evidence of this so often repeated but false claim that tasers save lives:
Indeed, lazy-lapdog-journalists don't ask such serious questions, nor would there be a valid answer (which I've explained before here: tasers DON'T save lives).

Congrats, Julian Fantino, you're the "Taser-Nazi of the Week"!

- the Canadian Press: We at the Canadian Press only ask soft-ball questions about the safety of Tasers
- Getting it Right: Tasers save lives? You decide!

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SmellyBoxers said...

Believe nothing that comes out of Fantino's mouth!
Mr. Do as I say and Not as I do, has 2 ongoing legal battles, oddly enough one is internal hearing for Abuse of Power!

And petition is gaining speed demanding a Inquiry into his actions in Caledonia!

The guy is a tool!

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