Monday, June 30, 2008

TN! of the Week: RCMP Constable Gary O'Brien, Nanaimo

It's one thing to apply the taser WITHOUT killing the "suspect", it's another thing to use it as an "excellent example" that a deadly device is able to "save lives".

At issue is the deployment of the taser on a suicidal man who was hiding on the balcony of a Nanaimo motel, after he had slit his wrist.

RCMP Constable Gary O'Brien - NanaimoRCMP Constable Gary O'Brien:

The suspect was losing large quantities of blood and the officers came to the conclusion he could cause either death or grievous harm to himself [...]
So what did the officer in question do? He shot him with his torturous taser. Zapper-Di-Zap-Zap!! And why not? The "suspect" was apparently in for dieing anyways, so why not help him a bit along the way? He wouldn't be the first one that week to die after being tasered to shit:
Police used a Taser while arresting Marreel in the hamlet of Fisher's Glen, south of Simcoe, at Front Street and Fisher's Glen Road, about 10:30 a.m. Monday. Marreel died two hours later and was pronounced dead at hospital.
Anyways, back to our Taser friend O'Brien. The following quote got him nominated:

RCMP spokesman Gary O'Brien:
[The electro-shocking of the suicidal man] was an excellent deployment [of the taser] and an excellent example of how these things can save lives.
It's a beautiful success story for Taser of course, if it were the truth. Unfortunately it is far from it, and here's why:
  • In order to save lives one would have to assume that without the use of the taser this suicidal person would have died. This doesn't necessarily follow (since there are plenty of other ways to resolve issues like these), it's hard to believe and it is even harder to proof. All that was needed to have helped this man was some good policing: there are plenty of other techniques to help and/or handcuff a suicidal man, without the use of a taser.
  • Contrary to popular believe, there isn't ANY serious proof/evidence that the taser has saved a single live, EVER. Therefore declaring this incident as an "excellent example of how tasers can save lives" is like saying that Christmas is an excellent example that Santa Claus can fly through the sky...
I love to believe in fairy tales and miracles, Constable Gary O'Brien, but the reality is that tasers kill, again and again. And as long as the police remains numb on their own police taser killings, yet dare to have the guts to take each and every opportunity to spread corporate supplied misinformation about the taser, I will keep honouring publicly paid spin-masters with "excellent" awards.

Readers, I'm honoured to present to you a perfect example of a Taser-Nazi: RCMP spokesman Gary O'Brien.


- Globe and Mail: "We, Canada's Corporate Press, have never been sure that Taser International's wonderful tasers can kill, but we're positive tasers they save lives - just check out our headline"
- MSN: "We're MSN Money, and we love Taser too"
- Taser International: "We at TASER love doing research (when we're not busy suing coroners that don't agree with junk science)"
- Taser's old site: "Our mantra is that "we save lives everyday" - The reality is quite different, but who cares?
- Truth not Tasers: "Do tasers kill? You do the math"

PS1: Here's another take on Taser death.
PS2: Find spin-master O'Brien's press release below. And why don't you give him a call to congratulate him? His phone number as at the bottom of the press release:

Nanaimo - Taser ends stand off with suicidal male armed with knife
File #2008-18130 2008-06-26 12:06 PDT

Nanaimo RCMP deployed a Taser June 21 successfully ending a standoff with a suicidal male armed with a knife.

The incident began shortly after 7:00 am on Saturday June 21, near the 7-11 on Terminal Avenue. An RCMP member sitting in his police vehicle, saw a male carrying a knife and dripping blood from an apparent wound to his wrist. The officer called for back up and was told by the unidentified male he wanted to die. The male, bleeding profusely from his wrist, continued to slash at and worsen his injury. Additional officers arrived and they attempted to establish dialogue with the male.

The incident carried across the street to a second level landing at the Port of Call Motel. The male then without warning escalated his actions and placed the knife to his throat and began to turn away from the officers. Fearing he was about to slash at his throat, one of the officers deployed the Taser from approximately 8 feet, instantly incapacitating him, allowing the officers to safely move in and take the knife from him. He did not sustain any injuries from the deployment of the Taser or when he fell to the ground. He was then treated by waiting paramedics for his life threatening self inflicted injury and transported to hospital.

The 44 year old male and resident of Nanaimo for the past year was arrested under the Mental Health Act and remains in hospital. No additional charges were laid. Constable O’Brien, Media Relations Officer for the Nanaimo RCMP spoke with him today he admitted the Taser and actions of the police officers probably saved his life.

Released by:

Constable Gary O'Brien
Media Relations Officer
Community Policing Services, Nanaimo
303 Prideaux St, Nanaimo V9R 2N3
Office No.: 250-755-3257
Cell No.: 250-713-0701
Fax No.: 250-755-3238


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are putting this info out into the public. Thank you.
(a proud Canadian)

Anonymous said...

God lord your an bout next time the police go to a call of a crazy man with a knife slashing himself they give you a call..and you can go in and try to get the knife from him, since you apparently think there's no danger in that.

Eric said...

since you apparently think there's no danger in that.

People with knives CAN be dangerous, but not necessarily ARE dangerous. Proper assessment is expected from the police, but since they have the wonderful taser, police apparently appear to have lost any sense of assessment (as the Vancouver Taser Killing will show you).

BTW, anonymous, did you know that "God lord your an idiot" can be considered blasphemy?

jlcausey said...
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Eric said...

Jlcausey, Mr. ex-cop, please read the original post first.

There is not a single case that has proven to save a single life. To suggest otherwise is utter nonsense.

kiasalmostfamous said...

Gary O'Brien is a raving lunatic. He was recently witnessed by several Nanaimo residents at an elementary school track meet berating a young mother of one of the students because he believed that she had "snorted like a pig" while standing beside him. This woman tried to quitly explain to him that she had a bad cold, which was obvious since she could barely speak, and a hoarse cough. O'Brien refused to believe that it was a cough that he had heard, and with every word he spoke he got louder until he was screaming at her like a hysterical mental-case. The woman was visibly embarassed and tried to settle O'Brien down since there were many young children around her. When he finally walked away, children were curious to know if he was "a real police officer" and they were shocked to find out that he was. Other parents at the meet were incredibly shocked at his very unprofessional behaviour and it was the main topic of conversation after that. O'Brien, after seeing many people speaking about him and laughing at his crazy paranoia, quietly left with his wife, before even seeing his children compete which was the reason for his being there. At the same time, O'Brien's colleagues were looking for him since there had been a bank robbery and O'Brien, being the media sppokesman, was supposed to be there to hold the door to the bank open (so the real officers were able to come and go.)

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