Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taser International loses court case: Taser stock fall

Taser stocks are down! Yep, it's all because of the latest liability suit that they've lost.

It's not the first time Taser didn't win a court case. Taser ended settling many court cases in the past to preempt embarrassment.

Here's why they lost this liability suit:

Taser failed to warn police in Salinas, Calif., that prolonged exposure to electric shock from the device could increase the risk of cardiac arrest, a San Jose, Calif., jury said on June 6. The jury awarded $1-million in compensatory damages, and $5.2-million in punitive damages to the estate of Robert Heston, 40, and his parents. The police officers weren't held liable.
"Police weren't held liable", that's interesting, isn't it? And on many levels. But the result is most important: the police can turn against Taser if they have to.

So it's for real. Taser loses the case in court. The beginning of the end of the taser-era.

- G&M: Taser loses first liability suit - Shares fall 11% after jury orders manufacturer to pay $6.2-million (U.S.) in man's death
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- Google Finance: Taser

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