Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Morgentaler's award aggraded! Abortionists and atheists are counting their blessings

Today was a good day for atheist in this country, at least if one may argue what some self-proclaimed followers of Jesus Christ (also known as "Christians") have argued lately: that giving the award to persons with questionable moral believes "degrades" the honour.

This his how reverend (and convicted criminal) Lucien Larré put it:

"When you're in the [repressive "pro-fetus + anti-choice"] movement, and someone who is [pro] abortion gets the Order of Canada, it degrades the Order of Canada for all those who believe in [rights for fetusses] ," he told [CTV's lazy lapdog journalists].

There is some merit in this "militant" (how much I love the conservative vocabulary) way of thinking, and I think we would do wrong to dismiss it solely on the basis that it is brought forward by someone as delusional as Lucien.

I have had thoughts about returning an award myself. Not that I was offered too many in my lifetime, but once in a while I do apply for scholarship awards or commission works. And one the one time a was granted an arts council award I was somewhat hesitant to accept it. Not long after I had applied for it I found out that part of the arts councils own funding was financed through the earnings of the BC Lottery Corporation: in other words, gambling addicted people with humongous debts were partly funding my scholarship. Yes, the world is somewhat complicated, isn't it?

I did consider returning a third of the scholarship (I seem to remember that I somehow found out that the lotery Corp was funding the arts council for 1/3), but since the money I would be getting would only cover 1/2 of my budget deficit to begin with, I swallowed my morals. But not without feeling guilty about this ever since.

Back to the order of day:

On Tuesday, members of the Madonna House Apostolate took the Order of Canada medal and framed citation back to Rideau Hall in Ottawa to [show] their objections to what they called "the serious misdirection of our country and many of its leaders."

Were they referring to our "honourable" prime minister Stephen Harper here too? I know Stephen is a briber, but he's also a devout believer of his own version of the great delusion. This leaves me confused.

But also relieved.

The return of all these Orders is excellent news for atheists and pro-abortionists! Criminals and followers of "intelligent design" returning their Order, combined with the long-overdue award for pro-abortion advocate and atheist Dr. Henry Morgentaler aggrades the award significantly.

Now if only ALL servants of God would return their Orders....wishful thinking from an atheist, I suppose. "Count your blessings, Eric", He said. And all was good.


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