Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boy in Winnipeg's Taser killing was only 17 years old

Yes, I believe this is a first for Winnipeg:

The suspect who died after being hit by a Winnipeg police stun gun was 17 years old [...]
Wonderful, I remember my 17th birthday quite well (and my 18th, and my 19th and so on).
[Const. Jacqueline] Chaput said the victim, whom she declined to name, was viewed as a suspect in an attempted car theft.
I see, a 17 year old kid attempting a car theft is currently enough reason to taser someone to death; nice job, Winnipeg Police Services, no need to apologize to the victims relatives then.

- Vancouver Sun: "Boy in Winnipeg's taser killing was only 17 years old"


Anonymous said...

It is incredibly sad when the Winnipeg Police are not smart enough or trained in a way that enabled them to talk a seventeen year old youth through a crisis situation to come to a resolution that did not result in the death of a youth.

Firstly, even if he was a suspect in an attempted car theft our laws do presume those accused of a criminal offense innocent until proven guilty. Secondly we do not believe in the death penalty in Canada even if one is guilty of a crime. However police forces across the country are skipping the whole judicial system in general and electrocuting people without even giving them their day in court.

What happened to this youth is horrible and barbaric. Taser's are not safe in the hands of anyone including our police forces.

Hopefully the persons whose car this youth was apparently after was not mistaken because it cost this youth his life.

My Sympathy is extended to this youth's family.

Concerned Citizen Regarding the Violent Mentality Found Among Too Many Winnipeg Residents Including These Police Officers Lacking in Good Judgement.

Eric said...

Thanks anonymous, well said. I'm sure you understood my "nice job" was sarcasm.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Let's revise a saying here for Canada: "The cop’s trigger finger is the gavel of justice" in poortown.

Taser should be considered potentially lethal weapons. Nobody regulates them, and each person reacts differently to being Tasered.

Eric said...

Troy said:
Taser should be considered potentially lethal weapons.

Hi Troy,

This post was written in that exact spirit.


Wayne J. Barricklow said...

Tasers are considered potentially deadly and should be used against suspects using deadly force against the police. In this case, that's exactly what happened. The suspect wasn't tasered for stealing a car, he was tasered for threatening people with a knife. More correctly, he was tasered for refusing to stop threatening people with deadly force.

Eric said...

The suspect wasn't tasered for stealing a car, he was tasered for threatening people with a knife.

The police electrocuted and killed a 17 year old boy for threatening the police with a pocket knife, and we should be all fine with that?

Now this might be fine with you, Mr. Wayne J. Barricklow, but where I'm coming from the prosecution of suspected crimes should be left to the courts.

Threating a police officer with a pocket knife should never give anyone a license to kill; whoever killed this boy by taser should be fired and prosecuted.

Stop the killings; stop the use of tasers in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Sombody broke into my vehicle last night and smashed the window and stole some things out of my car. now who pays for my deductable $200 dollars out of my own pocket. Why ? because the cops are not tasering enough of those crack heads.

Eric said...

I agree, anonymous, the police should kill them all, those crackhead.

And why not have the police kill those people who complain about $200 deductibles while there at it? If you can't afford a $200 deductible, then you're obviously too stupid to get a real job, just like the crack-heads you're complaining about.

Anonymous said...

"get a real job" Who are you money bags what are you bill gates , majority of the people have bills to pay. I myself am going to college trying to make somthing of myself I can't afford to be paying deductables for stuff thats not my fault. If you have all that extra money kicking around why don't you give it to the thieves so they will stop breaking into peoples vehicles who don't have that extra cash.

Also I don't mean killing them all when i refer to tasering them all. Taser are not supposed to kill people. Lots of people get tasered including the cops them selfs none of them have died. I agree with you on the stop the killing part but maybe there is a way of turning those guns down so they are more safer for use. Somthing has to be done . Can't use the guns then there has to be another way to arrest a armed criminal without anybody getting hurt. You can't bring a thief to court if you can't arrest him. Its pretty hard to arrest a thief with a weapon no matter how big it is. How else do you approach a guy that has a knife without risking your own life. But i guess this is an endless conversation. Everybody has there own point of view, you can't make everybody happy in today society .

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