Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Winnipeg Police's first taser killing is probably not their last

Disappointing, but expected: Canada has another taser death.

WINNIPEG - A man died Tuesday after being shocked with a Taser by Winnipeg police in a back lane behind a city home.

Investigators had taped off a large area to investigate the incident Tuesday evening.
A police spokeswoman said it was the first time a suspect has died after a Winnipeg officer has used an "electronic control device."
Trust me, Winnipeg Police Services; it might be your first taser death, but as long as you don't get rid of those electo-torture shock guns, it won't be your last.
"The male was conveyed to hospital in critical condition and has since succumbed to his injuries," said Const. Jacqueline Chaput.
Dare I ask “what injuries?” I though the taser was supposed to be the (warning: sales pitch ahead) non-lethal weapon of the future?
[An eyewitness, ] owner of [a] store who identified himself as Dave, said the man walked calmly across the street, turned around and began giving the occupants of [a black Chevrolet Suburban] the car the finger.
I always tell people, “don't finger black Chevrolet Suburbans because, hey, there could be police with tasers in there; and we all know the kind of hobbies they like”

You'd think that the police has something better to do (while at work) than killing people that “finger” them; apparently not.

Getting it Right knows that tasers kill. The only police forces that won't contribute to the rising taser deaths in North America (361+ dead) are those forces that don't use them.

Just a thought.


- Ottawa Citizen: Winnipeg Police kill suspect with Taser
- Taser.org: Tasers kill AND are "non-lethal"; isn't it amazing?
- Truth not Tasers: Do Tasers kill? Some numbers that speak for themselves (except for when you're a police officers - so much for being in touch with the rest of us)

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