Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Boycott Chapters and Indigo bookstores

Here's a bookstore chain that will not display the latest edition of the Western Standard. Why? Because in the latest issue The Western Standard has chosen to print the infamous cartoons depicting prophet Muhammad.

The last time I got offended at Chapters was having to go through all the hyped gossip and entertainment magazines to find one of my favourite magazines, the Economist.

Well, no Chapters for me anymore. I agree with other to boycott Chapters, Indigo and all the others that consider not selling a specific issue because a few cartoons "might offend some reader". I have been offended double: no Western Standard and the junk magazines are still there!

BTW I would never buy the Western Standard :), but that's not what this is about, is it?

See the CBC: CBC Saskatchewan - Sask. bookstores won't display magazine with Prophet cartoons

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Anonymous said...

Nuts To Cartoon Censorship

I agree...if we let the Muslims control what we publish they in effect become our censor…no thanks...not them or any other narrow-minded group.

All those who believe in free speech should buy a copy of the Western Standard that includes the cartoons. Expecting everyone to subscribe for a year is asking too much.

A simple solution for those who are offended...don't read it.


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