Sunday, March 25, 2007

Are the latest rumours about Jason Cherniak true?

Rumour has it ("let me be very clear; I am not suggesting that the rumour is true. I am only stating that it is out there") Jason Cherniak
- has sexually harassed a female member of the Liberal Party (find out more).
- is a sexist (find out more).

Actually, these are not real rumours. Press the "more" link behind the "rumour" and it will refer you to posts by REAL progressive bloggers who are upset with Jason's blogging behaviour; behaviour that includes some of the craftiest writing skills available to him. Isn't it wonderful how progressive bloggers love attacking Jason Cherniak?

Read more about it here:
- Did Jason harass a female member of the Liberal Party? Find the middle ground for women - by Robert McClelland
- Is Jason a sexist? Read more about it here:
Rumour Monger - by Eugene Plawiuk

Other posts about Cherniak's latest rumour:
- Idealistic Pragmatist: More Cherniak Logic
- Accidental Deliberations: But he's just the messenger
- Peace, order and good government, eh?: Rumour has it that some people on the internet make shit up
- Dr.Dawg: Ugly Rumours
- Right of Centre Ice: Liblog propaganda hub speaks: Chow cheated! Bomb Iran!


janfromthebruce said...

Now it's just a rumour but I'm spreading it, that prog blog moderators are looking at his most recent sexist and racist post, and considering sanctioning his blog, as a deterrance to other progressives, oops, I mean liberals who don't toe the whisper line.

Erik Abbink said...

Now it's just a rumour but I'm spreading it, that if you want someone expelled from ProgBlog, you just need to complain a lot at Wayne Chu, NOT the actual moderators. Administrators rule!

I never realized you had to be liberal to become part of ProgBlog, but rumour has it that none of the liberal moderators, oops, progblog moderators, has a clue what they're doing.

Isn't it true that Jason Cherniak should have been expelled a long time ago?

Dr. Dawg said...

Don't call me a liberal. Where I come from, that's slander.

Erik Abbink said...

Where do you come from Dr. Dawg?

Dr. Dawg said...

The so-called "extreme left." "Socialist" would be accurate. "Liberal" is plain foolish, with or without the capital.

Goodwin Ginger said...

You keep strange company for a socialist. So let us clarify terms. Do you mean like socialist as in the abolishion of the private ownership of the social means of production? Or do you mean like we should all get along and the rich should give more to the poor? Just wondering cause like Kinsella calls himself a socialist ya know.

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