Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ProgBlog Moderator DID get the numbers wrong - will he admit it?

Yes Scott, you did get it wrong. I did have another "Einstein moment" (the second one this week!) and came up with the following numbers:

Libs: 82
Dippers: 50
Green bloggers: 27
Unaffiliated with any political blogging group: 200


According to this post at least a few bloggers were unaccounted for. According to Scott Tribe this would only amount to 0.1 percent "others":

And stop trying to paint my motives for not listing the BLogging Tories who are amongst our group. I deemed them such a small percentage I didn’t bother listing them. I didnt bother listing the 1 or 2 sites that put themselves under the banner of the Progressive Canadian Party either, and as in the BT member’s case, it wasn’t out of spite. They were all part of the 0.1% “Other” category.

As I outlined here this could not (and never) be right since a single blogger already accounts for 0.3 percent (My first "Einstein" moment of the week: 1/395 * 100 = 0.3%)

What Scott did was add up the "Others" (read Tories and a bunch of bloggers affiliated to other political parties) with the "Unaffiliated with ANY political blogging group"; not so smart. This, intentionally or not, inflates thes number of "Unaffiliates".

When I called him on it, he had this to say:
You're REALLY splitting hairs Erik if you're trying to attack me over whether my addition is right or not. If you think I made a counting mistake.. its very simple for you to double-check my numbers.

So that's what I just did.
Will Scott admit he made a mistake?

UPDATE: Scott did admit he made a mistake (see comments), but is still unwilling (for reasons unclear to me) to give the exact numbers. Be assured, that the current breakdown is flawed; the "unaffiliates" group is not as large as Scott likes you to believe it is.


Scott Tribe said...

Shrug.. if you're seeking a public relations victory out of this Erik.. its yours. I think its hardly a big deal, and I had no sinister motive behind it.

Post the exact breakdown if you have an exact breakdown, since its so important to you.

Scott Tribe said...

By the way, the numbers you listed for NDP, Liberals and Green are the exact #'s I listed and found.. so congratulations. I'm glad you've managed to clear all that up for the entire Prog Blog community and beyond.

Erik Abbink said...

It's good to see you admit you made a mistake, even when you rather call it a PR victory.

Post the exact breakdown if you have an exact breakdown, since its so important to you.

I just used simple math (no checking needed) to expose your mathematical flaw. I've asked you for the exact breakdown several times before, but your not willing to give it to me, or to the Prog Blog community. Why not? Is it too much to ask?

Do you hate my guts, or do you still have something to hide?

Steve V said...

I nominate this for the "who the fuck cares" series category. Scott's point is essentially unchanged, which is all that is relevant.

Erik Abbink said...

Hey Steve, if you don't care about this, why don't you stop bugging me with your comments and save your profanity for your own blog?

Scott got it wrong. Period.

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