Friday, March 23, 2007

President of Liblogs suggests bombing Iran's nuclear reactors

Bombing is fun!

Jason is at it again. This time he suggests it's time to bomb Iran. Why? Because British Marines were seized in disputed waters near Iran.

He doesn't think; "hmm, what ARE British marines doing in disputed waters, are they trying to provoke Iran into war?" No, his little brain works a bit different, and he presumably made the following unconscious think pattern, somewhere inside that little head of his.

A. British Marines were "kidnapped" by the Islamic forces.
B. This is an "act of war!"
C. Let's "bomb" the hell out of "them".

Of course it wouldn't be Cherniak if he didn't package it the MSM way. Simplifying the issue (leaving out the fact that the waters are disputed) and asking questions to back-up a a favoured position are some of Jason's favourite techniques.

A: Isn't [Iran's kidnapping of British seaman] an act of war?
B: Perhaps the response will be to bomb military targets such as nuclear reactors?

Canadian Observer suggests petitioning Jason Cherniak to enlist for military service. The only question remains: will Jason serve Canadian, American or Israeli Armed forces?

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janfromthebruce said...

Bombing nuclear reactors? now there's an environmentally sensitive response.

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