Saturday, March 10, 2007

Full Alberta shelters turning away abused women

And I was thinking all homeless people had moved to Victoria:

The Alberta Council of Women's Shelters says more and more abused women are being turned away in the province, a trend being called the dark side of the economic boom.

According to the council, more than 13,000 women and children used shelters in 2006, but another 14,000 had to be turned away because the shelters were full — a 16 per cent increase over the year before.

Meanwhile, Alberta's shelters received nearly 100,000 crisis calls in 2006, a nearly 50 per cent increase over the last two years.



C.S. said...

Abused women are different from homeless women.

Calgary has some of the best homeless shelters in the country. Its resources for victims of violence are weaker: Homeless people make your city look unpleasant, nobody sees battered women.

By the way, Calgary abuse shelters are also turning away battered men.

Erik Abbink said...

"Abused women are different from homeless women."

Not necessarily. There are probably many people on the streets that have been abused. What some of these have in common is that they need a place to stay, which makes them homeless.

"nobody sees battered women."

My understanding is that a lot of the people who live on streets have problems, some problems will stem from battering. It's a silly statement to say that, out of all people who live on Victoria streets, non are battered; if you don't see them, then you haven't been looking.

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