Monday, July 16, 2007

SPP Dion Update: Stephane Dion doesn't care about the environment

I wish I had made the following up - From "The Canadian"

Stéphane Dion continues to ignore New American Union project to take over Canada.

The Stéphane Dion led Liberal Party of Canada has totally abdicated supporting vital cross-Canada public discussions on the efforts of the Stephen Harper government to work with the U.S. Bush administration's effort to consolidate the continentalist agenda to create a "New American Union" (NAU). The NAU is a plan to replace democratically elected governments in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, with a fascistic "capitalistocracy" run by a greed-driven North American political-military-industrial complex. [...]
Yeah, I thought so.

While Mr. Dion markets his leadership as pro-Canada and pro-environmentalistic [...] , the "New American Union" agenda [leads] to the accelerated destruction of Canada's environment.
Wasn't environment "THE" issue for Stephane Dion?
It sounds like Dion is becoming more of a hypocrite every day.

To be more specific, Liberal leader Stephane Dion
said he "knew nothing about the SSP plan (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) to massively expand production in the Alberta oilsands to meet the demand in the U.S.". See no evil, hear no evil.

Neo-Liberalist Stephane Dion rather sticks his head in the (oil-)sand than to fight back against SPP and it's disastrous environmental consequences. Hypocrisy indeed.

- The Canadian: Stephane Dion ignores SPP's deep integration
- Wikipedia: North American Union
- Wikipedia: Neo-Liberalism
- Women at Mile 0: "Dion needs to come forward"


janfromthebruce said...

Eric, thanks for saying it as it is. Dion is not telling the truth, as he plays the liberal game of "I am a progressive" and so is the "liberal party."
Considering that people like me knew last summer of the meeting in Baniff and where prominent liberal members, such as Manley and Anne Mclelland were in attentance, makes me know that he is lying.
Personally, I am sick of cons and libs selling this country out, behind the backs of Canadians.
We need a real progressive govt. I say remember NAFTA.

Erik Abbink said...

Thanks Jan,

These Libs don't seem to give a damn about the environment. Not that I'm surprised; they didn't do anything for over a decade, so why would they change that right now?

Dion is becoming such a joke. Standing up for the environment to win votes, but, through complete indifference showing no support for the environment when it matters most; it makes one wonder WHAT the guy actually does stands for; environment it isn't.

I hate to say this (I really do!), but I think the CanNeoCons have been right for once: Stephane Dion is not a leader.

THIS is the time to stand up against SPP and it's disastrous effects it will have on Canada's environment.

It's not too late. I know there are Liberal bloggers out there that are waiting for a response from him and I genuinely hope Dion proves me wrong and starts addressing this most important issue. But I won't be holding my breath.

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