Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ontario MMP Referendum (video)

Here’s a few recent articles on the up-coming referendum on MMP:

Ottawa Sun - System Would Balance Ontario Legislature
Ottawa Sun - Trio pushes for female legislators
CTV News - ‘More Janes, less Dicks’ needed in politics
Niagara Falls Review - Ontario can make history with new voting system
Toronto Star — Campaigns for referendum on electoral reform gear up
St. Catharines Standard - Power to the people: Reforming government is in your hands
Kingston Whig Standard - Changing how we vote
Kingston Whig Standard - No ‘radical’ change: prof
Huntsville Forester — Are you informed on electoral reform?
InterGovWorld - Ontario test-drives new brand of democracy
Guelph Tribune - Referendum Pivotal in Provincial Election

- H/T DemocraticSpace.com

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