Sunday, July 08, 2007

Iraqi politicians call on civilians to arm themselves - The Independent

Interesting, this latest call by Iraqi politicians asking Iraqi civilians to take up arms to defend themselves; I'm sure the current occupying forces (mostly Americans) will look forward to the idea too, and Iraqi resistance, well, they will be terrified now, right?

By Robert H. Reid, Associated Press Writer
Published: 09 July 2007

Prominent Shiite and Sunni politicians called on Iraqi civilians to take up arms to defend themselves after a weekend of violence that claimed more than 220 lives, including 60 who died yesterday in a surge of bombings and shootings around Baghdad.

The calls reflect growing frustration with the inability of Iraqi security forces to prevent extremist attacks.


In the absence of enough security forces, al-Bayati said authorities should help residents "arm themselves" or their own protection.

The call for civilians to take up arms in their own defense was echoed Sunday by the country's Sunni Arab vice president, Tariq al-Hashemi, who said all Iraqis must "pay the price" for terrorism.

"People have a right to expect from the government and security agencies protection for their lives, land, honour and property," al-Hashemi said in a statement. "But in the case of (their) inability, the people have no choice but to take up their own defense."

- The Independent
- Wikipedia: Post-invasion Iraq, 2003-present
- Wikipedia: Iraqi Resistance Movement

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