Thursday, July 26, 2007

North American News is DEAD

Remember this? (I do)

Then there was this.

And now there's this.

North American MainStream News is DEAD.


Woman at Mile 0 said...

I really enjoyed the golefttv podcast you linked. It was great.

Saskboy said...

I don't think the mummy is that much of a distraction though. At least its a human interest story and part of Canadian history.

Erik Abbink said...

Indeed, from an equasional point of view these "stories" are not necessarily at one and the same level.

1. is info-tainment.
2. is blockbuster literature
3. is dated morbid mystery

But they relate in how they all are overly hyped in the MSM. Furthermore I question the lead-story-worthiness of the three presented examples; yes, all were used as lead stories in MSM for several days.

Let's get real here; ALL these three stories would fit perfectly well in ANY gossip magazine. Shouldn't that tell you something?

Wake up! N-American MSM is dead. Bottom-line mindset combined with the rise of the internet has resulted in a speedy demise of the MSM, including newpapers and corporate tv networks; let's start thinking about REAL news.

Unless corporate media is able to reinvent itself the real news of the 21st century will come from the left. And the internet will make it happen, either through evolution or a media revolution.

Did I tell anyone that I LOVE the internet?

Erik Abbink said...

Woman at mile 0, I agree, this is a pretty good video about the current condition of the MSM.


saskboy said...

I agree it was overdone if the dead infant story was a lead. Was it on the cover of the Globe or something? That kind of thing when it happens just shows the "center of the universe" mentality of Canadian media. It's not like they can help it though, they close media down outside of TO, then accidentally have a "local" focus for their stories.

Erik Abbink said...

Hi Saskboy,

I'm not sure about the Globe, but Toronto Star and National Post both have been hyping the "mummified baby" story for several days now, also on their front pages.

And then there's Google News, which probably explains more than anything else of what's going on in newspaper land.

It was THE lead story for Google Canada for several days in a row. Most probably this means that an overwhelming amount of people were interested in this (kind of) news, and therefore it was at the top.

When a superior number of click-throughs (with the accompanying ad-dollars) is the reason for MSM to run junk on the front page, then we know for sure MSM is dead.


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