Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bye, Bye, Canada; Stephane Dion doesn't see any problem with SPP's Deep Integration plans

Neo-liberals love SPP. It's secretive, exclusive (for government and big business only) and authoritarian (no citizens' involvement in the decision making; not even allowing a public forum on SPP). What neo-liberal would not fall for it?

Stephane Dion has been awfully silent on the SPP issue. And there's an obvious reason for the apparent indifference: Stephane Dion couldn't care less about deep integration with US and Mexico; SPP fits the Liberal's neo-liberal platform so why complain about it, why not let sleeping dogs lie? I see no evil....

Can we now say the Liberal Party of Canada is neo-liberal? Can we now, after Progressive Conservatives turning Conservatives, call the Liberal Party the Neo-Liberals of Canada?

Just wondering.

- Wikipedia: neo-liberalism
- Council for Canadians: IntegrateThis!


annie said...

You had better be correct about this, as I have not heard Dion say anything..have you ? Explain., please. I am waiting for him, as are a great many Liberals, to actually say something and don't beat around the bush, the way Harper does. secretly.

Erik Abbink said...

No Annie, I haven't. And that's exactly my point.

The fact that he hasn't spoken out has IMHO a lot to do with the support the neo-liberals in the Liberal Party (opposed to the social-liberals) have for the SPP.

Neo-Liberals rather keep this SPP plan where it has been for the last 2-3 years; quiet and under the radar.

And the MSM has never heard of the SPP either. What a wonderful country we live in, everyone working in harmony! One would wonder why I'm even complaining.

Green Assassin Brigade said...

With the upcoming meetings and the police interference in our right to protest Dion had better get off his ass and make a stand.

It should be a no brainer, Canadians are worried about more wars, U.S. finacial instability, exporting jobs. To not speak out will be the end of Canada and probably Dion.

janfromthebruce said...

Considering that last summer in Baniff there was a kinda of secret meeting for SPP, and no major newspaper even reported it, except a local daily.
Quess what? There were at least 3 big name liberals in attendance - and Manley being one of them.
Liberals are not progressive, they just like to talk that way, to get elected.
Remember, how in 1993 the Liberals campaigned on rejigging NAFTA, but after their big majority win, they quickly signed on the bottom line.
That's a liberal for you.
If you want progressives and are against deep intergration - vote for lots of NDP MPs.

leftdog said...

Erik this is a very good post on an important topic. I agree with your arguments totally.

-Where is the Liberal leadership on this matter?

-Where is the Liberal rank and file on this matter?

I have no desire to be married to the United States of America. Period!

Erik Abbink said...

Green Assassin Brigade said:
"It should be a no brainer"

Erik says:
yes, it should be, "more wars, U.S. finacial instability, exporting jobs" are all valid concerns. Let's hope Dion will speak out soon on the issue. My mom would say: "It's never too late.."

Jan said:
"There were at least 3 big name liberals in attendance"

Erik says:
Wasn't Paul Martin (Liberal) one of the founding members of SPP? I'm sure Paul had good intentions; wasn't legalizing flying flags of convenience one of his ideas? Liberal leaders, they're all soo smart.

Jan said:
"Liberals are not progressive, they just like to talk that way, to get elected."
Erik says:
Although this is (of course) somewhat of a generalization, I do agree that MOST Liberals try to come off more progressive than they really are.

Jan said:"If you want progressives and are against deep integration - vote for lots of NDP MPs."

Erik says:
I have to agree again. I do want to say that also the Green Party has been speaking out against SPP's deep integration. The Greens are maybe not the most progressive party of Canada (some would even put them in the conservative camp), but they sure are right on SPP and have taken ample occasions to shed light on this important issue.

Buckdog said:
"I have no desire to be married to the United States of America. Period!"

Erik says:
I agree. Canada needs to keep its sovereignty; harmonization will quickly lead to the lowering of our Canadian standards (bye bye health care, food safety regulations, standards of doing business, etc).

Don't forget, the US is a corporist state, and when corporatism is talking about harmonization, it sound a lot like "gleichshaltung" to me.

You've all be warned!


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