Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a reminder

The Virginia Tech shooting is for me a reminder of why I chose not to study in the US. (Here's another one.)

The school board "forgot" to notify students after a deadly shooting earlier that day, which reminded me of this. Today's leaders already know exactly what's going on, even when everyone else is still in limbo. And they have it wrong time and time again.

Authorities identified a "person of interest" in the first shooting, Karl Thornhill, who was Hilscher's boyfriend. Hilscher's roommate, Heather Haugh, told authorities that Thornhill owned firearms and had taken both girls to a shooting range. Thornhill was pulled over while leaving Tech's campus after the first shooting, and made authorities suspicious by contradicting Haugh's account.[11] Because authorities quickly apprehended him, they determined that the threat of further violence was minimal and consequently did not justify additional action by the University.[12] He was released after cooperating with authorities, but remains an important witness in the case, according to police.[13]
The US is a society packed with violence; especially the liberal gun-laws, contributing to 30,000 deaths each year, makes the place as safe as the old Wild West was.Two students dead? Hardly a reason to cancel lessons for a day, right?

When protecting the public face becomes more important than protecting people, things tend to go wrong, dead wrong.

- Wikipedia: Virginea Tech Massacre

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