Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Iraqi resistance bringing it on: 4 Blasts in Baghdad Kill at Least 183

Bush is still dreaming about "winning" the War in Iraq; Bagdad looks more like a nightmare.

BAGHDAD (AP) - Suspected Sunni insurgents penetrated the Baghdad security net Wednesday, hitting Shiite targets with four bomb attacks that killed 183 people - the bloodiest day since the U.S. troop increase began nine weeks ago.

The most devastating blast struck the Sadriyah market as workers were leaving for the day, charring a lineup of minibuses that came to pick them up. At least 127 people were killed and 148 wounded, including men who were rebuilding the market after a Feb. 3 bombing left 137 dead.
Guardian Unlimited

- Update: Death toll rose to at least 195

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