Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Harper Government is getting nervous about warcrimes - here's why

The internet is a wonderful thing. It's big, fast, and, once you figure out how search engines work, one can find answers to questions quicker than ever before.

Of similar speed are current political/news blogs. Before you know it someone has already written on the very idea you were going to write about. written on what you were planning to say.

This is what was on my mind (by Eugene Plawiuk:

The Conservative Governments rejection of its international obligations under Kyoto are driven by its ideological messaging that this was a Liberal policy, when in fact it is an international Accord signed by the government of Canada, regardless of the party in power it is binding on the Canadian State.

Not unlike the Geneva Conventions, which the Harper government is now in violation of and is ignoring. Harper defends actions on Afghan detainees

But unlike Kyoto they cannot blame the Liberals for signing that accord. Canadian Politics: Canada Ignores Geneva Convention In Afghanistan

Instead Harper like Bush is ignoring Canada's international obligations by deliberately confusing sovereignty with isolationism. Since the Bush regime has ignored both Kyoto and the rule of International law in regards to war by refusing to recognize the ICC. But the US is not signatory to either accord, while the Canadian Government is.

This must be what is 'new' about the Harper government, that it believes it can ignore international commitments made by previous governments.
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