Sunday, April 22, 2007

Latest climate report has one major flaw; it calls for inaction

You've got to admire the Conservatives; they have taken spin to a new level! But will it work? Below I will compare two prime examples of 21st century neoconservative spin.

How the Neo-Cons got the US into Iraq:
- they cherrypicked and even fabricated "intelligence" (WMD)
- the result is "evidence" for fear mongering (WMD can kill 1000s of people in less than 30s)
- this lead to an approval to action (go to war)

How the New Government tries to keep us out of Kyoto
- they cherrypicked and even fabricated "intelligence" (the "Climate Report")
- the result is "evidence" for fear mongering (Kyoto will cause a recession)
- this lead to an approval of inaction (stay out of Kyoto)

Flawed NeoCon Spin
If there's one thing Americans seem to admire in George Bush, then it's his decisiveness. Action makes you look strong. inaction makes you appear weak.
The call for inaction in the latest Conservative climate report is an underestimated strategic flaw in rhetoric; let's call them on it.

If Conservatives can't make Kyoto work, one way or another, then isn't it time for a "new government"?


Psychols said...

I guess it is easier to send someone else's kids to war than it is to get tough with polluters here at home. You are right, we need a government that will make the tough choices - not just do the easy thing.

Erik Abbink said...

Indeed, the "new government" has its priorities right.

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