Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What the "raging left" should do now: cool down to show how absurd the Raging Right really is

Stay calm
The main thing that Harper and his bigoted bullies is out to do now is to create an outrage, which seems to be taking place all over the country.

It's in the interest of the coalition to do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE, and either calmly rebuke Conservative talking point, or ignore them all together.

Be careful to not come off as a "raging left" as that is only helping their cause of creating outrage.

It's the economy, ....
There is no outrage, no political crisis, only a change of power which will take place 5 days from now. The only real crisis is economic.

We need a stable, majority backed government to deal with the economic crisis.
It's the economy, (but leave out the "stupid").

Jack said it right, and the right way:

Prime Minister, your government has lost the confidence of the House. And it is going to be defeated at the earliest opportunity in the House of Commons. I urge you to accept this gracefully.
Remain confident and democracy will take its course.


the regina mom said...

"Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs" was always good advice, eh?

The difference between Culture Minister Moore last night on CBC Radio's AIH and a clip of Layton in the House was remarkable! Jack was calm cool and collected and Moore was spinning so hard it was palpable!

Eric said...

I believe staying calm will give us the best chances with GG.

Conservatives are going to loose the next vote; be confident, it will all happen.

the regina mom said...

I have seen this same anonymous post at about a dozen websites...

I like what the fellow at pogge is least it's a place from which to begin moving forward our discussions.

Eric said...

Thanks, Regina mom. I've deleted it. Too many Alberta trolls these days.

I was in Regina last year (first time) and really liked it. Friendly people.

Like your pics from Holland. Sigh.

the regina mom said...

Oh, that's my friend's blog. You must've clicked on the blogs i follow link. I'm at and I'm glad to hear you liked Regina. It's not a bad for a city. I'm from the country, but where I live in the city is ok.

Eric said...

You must've clicked on the blogs i follow link.

right, I didn't notice that. Thanks for the link to your blog; I'll be following YOU now too :)

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