Thursday, December 04, 2008

Time for some counter-spin: Stephen Harper is a separatist

Time has come to put some counter-spin on Harper's main buzz-word "separatists".

The reality is that Harper has done nothing to embrace Quebec into a unified Canada, on the contrary. Harper has been burning bridges, so much that you wonder who it really is that wants to separate.

Who's the separatist now?
Wouldn't it be a great idea if, from now on, WE call HARPER a separatist?
That message would certainly not get lost on the public (the Harper machine has done the hard work for us) and is far closer to the truth.

The poll results of Harper's attacks on the Bloc show that Harper's battle to keep the country together resulted in completely the opposite effect in Quebec: the Bloc gained more support while all other parties remained or lost ground.

I'm arguing that Harper has not only united the left, but has also brought us closer to the breakup of Canada (I believe one of his ultimate goals).

Turning your perceived weakness into your strength.
Harper's "separatist VETO" message worked very well outside of Quebec. By blaming the coalition for their willingness to break up the country by working with the separatists, he was able to portray the coalition as an un-Canadian coalition (at least in the eyes of English Canadians).

It's time to turn our perceived weakness into our strength.

Harper has isolated himself with his separatists remarks, yet to make parliament work parties need to work together. Only the coalition is willing to work together, and only the coalition is working to keep this country together.

Anti-Separatist motto....
Which leads me to the coalition's motto: Let's work together.

I'm not alone in saying that Harper is a separatist

I've added a picture from an anti-coalition rally - h/t daveberta


Socially Active said...

Harper is fascists, through his demonstrated desire to abuse his position for his twisted desires for uncontested and unrestricted power.

Everyone needs to realize that Harper's Conservatives MUST be voted out. Where there is a coalition or not.

This is a lot bigger than
1)with drawing campaign funding required a balanced multi-party elections,
2)total inaction, wasting precious time with total unwillingness to freely put forward an economic plan
3)abusing prorogue procedures to maintain absolute control over the Government of Canada. Harper was not even elected to have a majority control of the commons.

Harper has lost his sanity and is ruthlessly attacking the Governing system of Canada. He clearly does not care about the economic hardships we must endure, but only cares about his personal power.

What is stopping Harper from again?
1) using procedures to delay a non-confidence vote for a week or so.
2) And then proroguing again,
3) repeating the process and in effect taking over absolute control of Government.


Thanks Harper, for destroying democracy.
Now we have no choice but to take to the streets and fight for our freedoms you, Harper, have taken away.

Eric said...

Although I agree with the term fascist on technical grounds, I don't think it is a wise term to use.

In offensiveness it by far outdoes "socialist" and "separatist" labels, even when it is technically correct.

I think you're right that we have to be careful here; he can not be trusted.

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