Monday, December 08, 2008

Harper is liar; national outrage confirms he needs to be removed

Given that Ed Broadbent hasn't been sued by Stephen Harper yet (and we all know Harper loves to sue over "nothing"), we can now be confident to assume that Harper is, yes, a liar.

In Ed Broadbent's own words, "They lie. I repeat. They pay people to lie about other people, and destroy things."

Don't believe it? Here's Ed Broadbent on the CBC:

h/t BCer in Toronto

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- BCer in Toronto: Harper is a liar
- Why Harper should be in jail


Toronto Tory said...

Notice when he lists off people with integrity, he only mentions people who lost? Joe Clark. Bob Stanfield. It sends an interesting message about Canadian politics. Notice he didn't mention any Liberal, or any successful Conservative?

Eric said...

Very, very interesting, Toronto Tory. Did you also notice Ed's tie? Weird, eh?

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