Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Harper's last 6 days in office - and I'm feeling good :)

Who hasn't seen one of the pro-Harper counters? Most Blogging Tories carry one. To show some compassion I've added one myself (see below).

1030 days in office, not bad. But the countdown has begun.

Harper will be removed from office in 6 days


Paul M said...

Keep on dreaming. Canadians will not forget nor forgive this "coalition" with separatists.

Eric said...

Paul doesn't seem to understand the current coalition, so let me spell it out for you:

The coalition involved only the Liberal Party and the NDP. There is no coalition with the Bloc.

The wonderful and glorious Stephen Harper has often cooperated with the Bloc. Do you have any understanding of the word hypocrite, Paul? If you did you would know it is highly appropriate here.

Why are there so many stupid conservatives leaving comments these days? Is it really so hard to understand the basics of the current situation?

A majority of MPs support the NDP/Liberal coalition. These very same MPs will defeat your praiseworthy* prime minister and highness Stephen Harper.

Steve has 6 more days.

*Footnote: Harper praiseworthiness stems from his ability to unite the left; well done, Steve! I knew there was a lefty in you somewhere.

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