Monday, November 19, 2007

What members of Canada's Law Enforcement think about the RCMP Taser Killing; it's disgusting!

An anonymous person shared a link of the Blue Line Forum with me. What follows is a selection of what Canadian Law Enforcement has been expressing on this "wonderful forum", right after the release of the RCMP Taser Killing video:

"Setting up a barricade at the doorway does not strike me as the actions of a confused traveller. It indicates to me that he was preparing for a confrontation with the authorities."

"well IMO with the control tactics/use of force training I have I can see the RCMP being 100% justified in how they reacted to the situation."

"Why in God’s name should a copper get hurt just to avoid tasering or OCing a subject that it violent and out of control?"

"Today we have use of force tools that allow us to effect our purpose without getting a "bloody nose". Getting hurt isn't part of my job. My job is to get the job done and go home safely to my family."

"what would look worse to the general public, 4 coppers on top of this guy using knee strikes, arm bars, or possibly, batons to restrain him, or 2 "zaps" with a taser which drops him...they then place him in cuffs?"

"I don't go to work to become a punching bag, and weapons and tools are available to me so I go home. These guys are cops who are no different. At the end of the day it's ME who goes home, if some jerk-off who tried hurting me gets hurt or killed in the process, that's just too damn bad."

"Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six."

"Hell, WHY did this guy pick up a solid metal object with sharp corners? Do you REALLY think he was going to staple some loose papers in his passport? [..]Did this guy at one point have : ABILITY, INTENT, MEANS? Bet your ass."

"Again, no one has asked the obvious question: Why for the love of mike, if you had 7 years to learn even simple English phrases like " I am lost, can someone call my mother?" didn't he do so?"

"Broadcasting the videotape did nothing but inflame public opinion, without providing any additional information on whether the officers' actions were justified. [...] But, you do see the guy writhing in pain and then go limp - images which do little but crank up Joe Q. Public and the media."

"And as for Mr. Pritchard, if he sold this video for profit, he is less than a "global citizen" IMHO"

"I like that Ottawa Police demonstration of the Taser to the CBC, but it should have been someone in the CBC that they tasered....."

"Wow this [Paul Pritchard] guy is now Canada's newest hero. Yep 25 years old now he can move out of his parent's basement and change the world. One shitty, grainy video at a time. I noticed he did sweet nothing to try to calm the guy down, or maybe he could have subdued him by himself. Funny how easy it is to lay blame when you are sitting on your useless ass watching. Loser."

"Why is no one talking about how this Candian hero is benefiting financially from someone's death??"

"I'm glad all the RCMP members involved in the incident made it home to their families after shift."

"I'm always amazed that people try and profit from someone else's misery, either #1 I wouldn't film that, or #2 if I did, I would give it to the police and never think about it again. "

"i don't even read the news stories now. it's too frustrating."

"I guess that's what separates us from the scum of journalism. They see a duty to film. We see a duty to actually do something. Then they see a duty to criticize. Gaping crap pipes."
See for yourself how a single member of this forum (named VoteQuimby) gets bullied by all other members: start reading here or here.

And just so you know, the above comes from a "public" forum. One is only left to guess what the "tone" will be at Blue Line's "private" forums, which are unaccessible for "Joe Q. Public and the media".

Here is couple of images that two "Canadian Law Enforcement" members use to bolster their profiles:

User avatar

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leftdog said...

I would bet that most of these individuals would have NO problem putting someone in a boxcar if a totalitarian law dictated it. Talk about 'mindless'!

Erik said...

"My job is to get the job done and go home safely to my family"

Thanks, leftdog

Larry Gambone said...

Typical of police tribalism. They rally round other cops no matter what crimes they commit - and persecute the whistle blower minority among them. Very dangerous for democracy and freedom. To offset this problem, when the police commit crimes against the people, rather than simply being dismissed (at best) from the force - they should be punished to the full extent of the law. The 4 cops who killed that immigrant should do time for second degree murder, as but one example. As for the police always yelling about how dangerous their job is - try logging, thousands of guys have been killed over the years and no one shouts about that (even though they should)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hold the avatar images against them, especially since those people might try the good old ad-hominem attack on you for being narrow minded. The 2nd image is a character from "Family Guy" the popular Fox TV series, and the person might've just used it for comic value from its intentional political incorrectness, and the first one, well, the person just was trying to show how dangerous some criminals can be I suppose...

But yeah, if that forum is really the indicator for the state of mind prevalent in the industry, I'm sick to my stomach. "Mindless" group thinking indeed is one of first words that comes to mind, and the general disregard for human right is should be a big worry for anyone especially those who are running the RCMP and other authorities.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah...there's no other reaction to this. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that you have to provide a non-gmail or non-hotmail address to register. I'd like to challenge all of them to stand by their opinions by providing their names or badge numbers.

Erik said...

Being an ex-police officer, I would like to say that tasers save lives on a daily basis.

Where's the proof?

There isn't any. It's all informal prediction marketed as "evidence".

Show me exact facts of how many lives it has saved, and then we have a discussion about "lives saved".

Until that time this blog is discussing lives lost in combination with taser use. There are at least 245 people who died shortly after having been shocked by a Taser.

Undeniable proof of lives lost after being tasered.

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