Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mr. Robert Dziekanski last words, translated

The New Zealand Herald reports that a polish YouTube blogger has translated the last words of Robert Dziekanski:

"I want to get out, help me find the way...Police! Police! Can't you help me?"
He got his way out, I suppose...

- new zealand herald: Man tasered to death was 'asking for help' (warning: graphic video, photos)
- Local lesson in taser death - lawyer


Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart to view the video and then find out that this poor man was simply asking for help. Each and every one of those RCMP officers should be fired and prosecuted. This man did not deserved to killed in that fashion by the RCMP.

Anonymous said...

I live in Chilliwack, British Columbia. WE NEED TO RALLY... THE CITIZENS NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND SHOW HOW STRONG OUR THOUGHTS ARE ABOUT ROBERT'S MURDER. How can we have RCMP killing, our airports not helping a man who just arrived from poland. Come on, Let's RALLY PROTEST. THE WHOLE WORLD IS GRIEVING... AND WE SHOULDN'T BE.

Anonymous said...

this is horrible...those officers didnt show even the slightest human decency...they electrocuted a man in cold blood on the airport floor and didnt even attempt to revive him.

Where is the outrage? Why isnt every government in the world banning Taser's and other electric 'compliance' weapons?

The 'people' are not cattle to be prodded and branded like animals..another sickening milestone in the descent to a world police state.

Anonymous said...

So many comments state that Mr. Dziekanski was not acting violently. Mr. Dziekanski is clearly shown yelling and throwing a computer and a chair. This type of action is "not acting violently"? Perhaps the police should have just allowed him to continue his rant and then perhaps innocent people (or the police themselves) might have been hurt? C'mon people, this man was acting violently and therefore had to be subdued.

Anonymous said...

I am FED UP with the law enforcement in the USA and now ... Canada.





Anonymous said...

Where are the Polish people?

Do you see what has happened to your countryman?

This man was upset and confused.


Are there any real humans left on this planet? or are there only animals. Wicked, heartless, evil lower-than- animals.

C. T. said...

This is truly disturbing. Here it appears someone is asking for help and gets tasered then dies. Apparently in the video he is shown to be holding an object apparently a stapler, I think this may have been a response by him in defence I think he realized oh God they are going to hurt me and tried to get away from them. Yes he was wrong for throwing things around but I think the officers over reacted they made a huge mistake and I think they should be punished for it.

Barbara said...

What really worries me is a fact that the police knew the video from day one. It was a whole month before the famous video was released to the public. What was happening for a month? The spokesman of RCMP said the investigation will take two and a half years. Sorry, but they cannot give the video back to the owner (!) The police did not do anything to four officers (in my mind executors). They were even not reassigned until public presure forced them to (after release!)
What does it tell you? The police feels just untouchable. This is very convenient to investigate their own case. It should change once and forever. Only unpartial, independent body should investigate "death in custody".In Roman law (still good and logical)
"nemo iudex in sua re" Nobody can be a judge in his own case...

Tom said...

Dziekanski lay dying after Taser hit as border agent scoured airport for him

OTTAWA — A border services officer who spoke a few words of Robert Dziekanski’s native tongue may have come within minutes of helping avert the Polish immigrant’s death, newly released documents show.

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