Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sergeant Pierre Lemaitre (RCMP Vancouver) caught lying; who will fire him?

RCMP spokespeople have continuously spread lies about the Vancouver Taser incident; here the two most obvious ones:

1. Sergeant Pierre Lemaitre (and possily other RCMP officers) have said repeatedly that there were only three RCMP officers involved in the incident, but the video shows four men in RCMP uniforms

2. Sergeant Pierre Lemaitre (and possibly other RCMP officers) have said that officers "did not use pepper spray because of the large number of people at the airport at the time". The video shows that this part of the airport is virtually empty.

Who's going to fire him?

Below you will find several RCMP Press Releases, including the very first one. Emphasize mine:

2007-10-14 13:22:36 File #IHIT (Integrated Homicide Investigation Team) 2007-36874

Death of Man Being Investigated by the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team

Sunday October 14, 2007

Richmond, BC: At approximately 1:28 am RCMP officers who work at YVR were called because a man in his 40’s was in the international arrival area at Vancouver International Airport, He was sweating profusely, behaving irrationally, throwing chairs, tipping his luggage cart over, pounding on glass windows, and yelling. The security personnel at YVR attempted to have a dialogue with this man, to no avail. He grabbed a computer off a desk and threw it to the ground. They then called the RCMP.

Three officers attempted to speak with the man, who continued to ignore their commands. The male remained violent and aggitated. When attempted to grab something off a desk, the RCMP member used the conducted energy weapon (taser) in order to immobilize the violent man. The man fell down but continued to flail and fight. The officers then held the man down on the ground and placed handcuffs on him. He continued to be combative, kicking and screaming. He then became unconscious. His vital signs were monitored while waiting for emergency medical personnel. EMS arrived and continued to monitor and provide aid to the male. Moments later, he died.

IHIT was immediately called, as well as the Coroner’s Office. The RCMP notified the civilian oversight component, the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP in accordance with the pilot project to ensure that their oversight begins at the start of such incidents.

The Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy and determine the man’s exact cause of death. IHIT are just beginning the arduous task of determining the man’s identity, next of kin, nationality and cause of his death.

The IHIT Tipline is 1-877-543-9217

Cpl. Dale Carr has advised this office that there will likely be an update for the media on Monday October 15th, 2007 and not before. Please check with “E” Division Strategic Communications for updates on Monday.


RCMP Media, /Communications
"E" Division
5255 Heather Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K6

Phone: (604)264-2929
Fax: (604)264-3200

"E" Division RCMP Media, /Communications

2007-10-16 06:00:10 File #IHIT (Integrated Homicide Investigation Team) File - 2007-LMD-36874


October 15, 2007


VANCOUVER: The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team continue to investigate the in custody death that occurred at Vancouver international Airport on October 14, 2007.

IHIT investigators have learned the identity of the deceased male in yesterday’s tragic in custody death at Vancouver Airport. The male has been identified as 40-year-old Robert DZIEKANSKI of Pieszyce Poland.

Investigators have also learned that Mr. DZIEKANSKI arrived here in Canada on October 13, 2007, in the mid-afternoon.

It has been learned that Mr. DZIEKANSKI was in the process of immigrating to Canada from Poland in order to live with family here in British Columbia. Police are not prepared to release which community in which Mr. DZIEKANSKI was going to immigrate too in order to provide privacy to his family. The airline and flight number will not be released at this time for investigative reasons.

British Columbia Coroners Service has advised that the autopsy is schedule to be preformed on October 16, 2007.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the IHIT tip line at 604-543-9217 or outside the Lower Mainland 1-877-543-9217. If you wish to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.


Pierre Lemaitre, Sgt.
"E" Division Strategic Communications
5255 Heather Street
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1K6

Phone: (604)264-2929
Fax: (604)264-3200

"E" Division Strategic Communications Pierre Lemaitre, Sgt.

2007-10-18 14:57:36 File #IHIT (Integrated Homicide Investigation Team) 2007-LMD-36874


RICHMOND: The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is continuing to investigate the in custody death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski that occurred on October 14, 2007 at Vancouver International Airport.

IHIT investigators are hoping that anyone that was on the flight from Frankfurt Germany, will call police. Police are interested in identifying the passengers in an attempt to identify a complete and thorough background into Mr. Dziekanski’s movements prior to arriving here in Canada.

Investigators have learned that Mr. Dziekanski arrived in Canada on an Air Condor flight ( A company affiliated to Luftansa Airlines), the flight number was 6070 which came direct from Frankfurt Germany and landed at 2:50 PM on October 13, 2007.

Anyone on the flight or with information about this incident is asked to call the IHIT tip line at 604-543-9217 or outside the Lower Mainland 1-877-543-9217.

Dale Carr (Cpl.)
Integrated Homicide Investigation Team
Strategic Communications/Media Spokesperson
Office: 604-598-4609
Cell: 604-760-8020


Dale Carr, Cpl.
IHIT Media Relations
12992 76 Avenue
Surrey, B.C V3W 2V6

Phone: (604)598-4609
Fax: (604)543-4992

IHIT Media Relations Dale Carr, Cpl.


Dr.Dawg said...

This is well done, and I'll link to it.

Incidentally, is that a baton being used by a cop at 5:36 on the second video segment at the Van Sun? (Click over on the right.)

Erik said...

Thanks, Dr.Dawg. Yes, that looks like an expandable baton clumsily put back by the officer.

After looking back I'm suprised to see that it seems to take the officers almost 90 seconds (from 4:10 until 5:40 in the video you suggested) before they had secured the handcuffs. All that time there appears to be one or more officers on top of Mr. Robert Dziekanski.

The CBC News of today (November 15th) showed a better close up where one officer is "sitting" on top of Mr. Robert Dziekanski shoulders, with his own feet of the floor.

The following is taken from a FAQ sheet in the
"office of the police complaint commissioner review" on "taser technology"
(pdf, see page 39):

5. What role does restraint play in sudden and unexpected death proximate to restraint?

Subjects who struggle with police are almost always restrained in a face-down position.

If subjects are pinned down with a great deal of weight placed on their shoulders and back for a long period of time it may hamper their ability to breathe rapidly enough.

This state of
hypoventilation means the subject can still breathe, just not at the level their body requires to
return to equilibrium.

Police may be misled by the fact the subject can still speak, indicating a
clear airway, which does not necessarily mean they can breathe at an adequate rate.

Anyone who administers a Taser should know these faq and act accordingly. What else is a police complaint commissioner report good for?

Dr.Dawg said...

Jesus, Erik, nice catch. Good for you.

David Wilson said...

thanks for your comprehensive presentation - much appreciated

be well.

Erik said...

Thank you David.

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