Friday, November 23, 2007

Canada Taser Update: Taser Moratorium now in place at Whitehorse Jail.

The latest Canada Taser Update with news from the CBC:

The Yukon Justice Department has imposed a moratorium on using Tasers at the Whitehorse jail in light of recent deaths involving the stun gun elsewhere in Canada. [...] The decision to introduce the temporary moratorium comes as numerous reviews of Taser use are underway across Canada.

"No one wants to have to access a tool that they're using with uncertainty about, you know, what the outcome of its use might be," Superintendent Phil Perrin said.
- Read also: UN Committee: Taser guns torture and kill
- CBC: Taser moratorium in place at Whitehorse jail


Wayne said...

How the fuck are police and guards supposed to deal with violent people? Aromatherapy? Aesthetic Decor? The violent behaviour is getting worse every year.

This is a huge mistake.

daev said...

How about the same way they dealt with violent people before handheld electrocution devices?

Wayne said...

Open hand combat and batons. Sounds good to me.

Erik said...

Look how the German Polizei was able to overpower a man in Berlin's main railway station: no Tasers were used.

Fox's got some pictures too.

Police psychologists were sent in to talk to the man, who appeared to be confused and possibly under the influence of drugs, before he was overpowered by plain-clothed officers.

"Only a small part of the station was cordoned off, and rail traffic continued unimpeded, Mr Polley said. No one was injured."

Wayne, you and your police guards should really try aromatherapy. It will help you relax.

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