Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SPP Protest Provocateurs; where did they go?

Where did the provocateurs go?

That's the question we need to focus on.
In Canada, nobody gets handcuffed without a paper trail.

The Surete du Quebec police has some explaining to do. If these provocateurs weren't police, then why were they not arrested?

The explanation given by the Surete du Quebec police doesn't make any sense.

Update: more on Harper's contempt on SPP protesters

- Wikipedia: paper trail


Skinny Dipper said...

Here is a comment I wrote in the Rabble-Babble forum:

I am a concerned citizen who is worried about the three men who were taken away by the Quebec police at Montebello. We haven't heard anything about the condition of those men. I hope we are not living in a police state where citizens can be sent to secret prisons in Canada or around the world to be tortured. Heck, these three men could be in Guantanamo Bay or on their way to a Syrian prison right now. Worst of all, the Quebec police could have executed them because we haven't heard anything about them. The men's families must be worried about them. Their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and wives (and husbands) are probably in anguish wondering where the men are.
I'm wondering if we should petition the prime minister of Canada, the premier of Quebec, and the secretary-general of the United Nations to ask for the whereabouts of the three men and ensure their safety.

Erik Abbink said...

Good point, Skinny dipper.

In "normal" circumstances, that's what we would have been worried about.

But it's soooo obvious that:
- these guys are provocateurs
- the police knew who these guys were provocateurs.

But maybe the police is right and they're not police but hired by people higher up in the command. The fact that the RCMP is so secretive about it ("for security reasons") tells us we can honestly speculate about how high up this goes.

I wouldn't be surprised the PMO is behind this. Harper's earlier comments on the SPP demonstrations ("it's sad") showed nothing but contempt for the protesters. Is it then that "outrageous" to think Harper's got something to do with it?

Stephen Harper has got also some explaining to do.

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