Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disappearing SPP protesters; Stephen Harper has got some explaining to do

Aren't we all agreeing that it is overly obvious that:
- the three protesters caught on video were provocateurs
- the police knew who these guys were.

But maybe the police is right and the provocateurs were not police but hired by people higher up in the command? The fact that the RCMP is so secretive about it ("for security reasons") tells us that we can in all honesty start speculating about how far up this goes.

And if the RCMP is not going to be open and transparent about what happened with the three provocateurs (in any normal circumstance people that are being handcuffed will generate a paper trail), shouldn't the Prime Minister be held responsible for the disappearance of three protesters? Montebello was his party, wasn't it?

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the PMO is behind this. Harper's earlier comments on the SPP demonstrations ("it's sad") showed nothing but contempt for the protesters. Is it then that "outrageous" to think Harper's got something to do with it?

Stephen Harper has got some explaining to do.

- Wikipedia: List of people who have dissapeared
- Dominion: What Stephen Harper's video feed may have missed.


Skinny Dipper said...

It is interesting reading comments from former police officers that the three provocateurs were standing the way police officers normally stand with their hands proper position.

What was "sad" about the protest was that next time, protesters are going to need to watch their backs. If people decide to dress up as The Village People, the dude who is dressed up as a cop may actually be one.

Erik Abbink said...

Hi Skinny Dipper, good to see you here again.

"What was "sad" about the protest was that next time, protesters are going to need to watch their backs."

I think we all need to watch our backs at protests. Bring your photo and video cameras and record as much as possible; that's the lesson I've learned.

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