Monday, August 06, 2007

Michael Ignatieff gets mugged by reality; What took that genius so long?

Political Blogging from "the Concern Troll":

I'll write a longer post about Ignatieff's horrible article in the New York Times Magazine. Probably one of the most disingenuous, unapologetic and shameful opinion piece on the topic. Right up there with the neoconservative hacks of the grubbier kind (Jonah Goldberg comes to mind).

I'll just say a couple of things for now: first, it's been 4, 5 years? 5 years? What took that genius so long? Could it be political expediency (he looks like a fool in Canada, and so long as he did not publicly recant, he could not hope for a potential cabinet position at a later date)? And what's with trotting out Churchill and Aristotle? and the circuitous arguments?

Just say it Ignatieff: you were fooled. For all your intellectual refinement and philosophical sophistication, you were fooled. Just like a gullible undergraduate. You were played by your neoconservative colleagues (we were there, we all know who they are, so please, no Iraqi exiled and no phony heroic tales of you strolling through the Qandil mountains...).

Now you're left holding the bag. So how does it feel to get mugged by reality, fool?
- The Concern Troll: At long last, Michael Ignatieff gets mugged by reality
- Ignatieff is unrepentant

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