Sunday, August 26, 2007

New backronyms for SPP: how about Secretive Profiteers Plot?

The following at Saskboy (originally from James Bow) made me think:

Incidentally, the name of the proposed “deep integration” between Canada, the United States and Mexico is somewhat telling. The “Security and Prosperity Partnership”? An award for most compelling (and concise!) bit of positive spin should go to the government worker who came up with that title. Imagine: “how can you be opposed to this?
Indeed. And I think we (those who oppose the undemocratic nature of SPP) have failed in coming up with our own answer to the positive spin on these meetings. Yes, 'deep integration' has a 'ring' of some sort, but aren't we already deeply integrated with one another? Isn't the whole world a lot smaller than say a generation ago? So why should 'deep integration' be such a big deal? It's not all that easy for us to explain in a couple of sentences what the problem is with 'deep integration'.

So what IS the problem?
I consider the main problem with the SPP that it is undemocratic (only the wealthiest CEOs and the three amigos are invited) and highly secretive (everything is behind closed doors). 'Deep integration' does not cover these negatives, therefore I came up with a (derogatory) backronym for SPP:

SPP = Secretive Profiteers Plot.

This backronym covers its secretive nature, and the fact that (apart from the three amigos) only extremely wealthy CEOs conspire at these summits.

What it doesn't cover (at least not directly) is how undemocratic it is, so if you can come up with a better one then please leave a comment. Good ideas never come too early.

Two other ideas I had: Symposium without Public Participation | Securing Profits before People.
Others suggested: Screwing People and Planet

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saskboy said...

Good ideas Erik. I've done the same thing with Digital "rights" Management, and call it instead Digital Restrictions Management to refer to the copy protection DRM.

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