Monday, May 14, 2007

Purging is not cool; when will Scott resign?

Scott is out purging, again, well sort off. Polly Jones, one of the (former?) moderators of PB, said:

After I refused to edit or remove my response, as directed by Scott through email, he took the mind-blowing action of deleting all threads in the moderator forum.
But that's not all. Polly:
When Scott re-opened the purged forums to a 'clean slate', I commented that I found his actions odd and promised to "take action" after the weekend. I can assure you that by action, I meant that I wouldn't be silenced on the issue. Scott has, however, used my comment to defend his latest abuse of administrative powers: locking me out of administrative access.
Always nice to know your fellow-moderators support you.
This didn't surprise me either. Polly:
Certainly, when Scott performed his purge of the forums, he notified no one.
Yeah, that's our Scott purging; no-one needs to know.

But (IMHO) Polly Jones was right about this:
Scott [Tribe] defends right-wing ideology. He is uninformed as to his own politial views. [...] I am really bored of people who prop themselves up against the Tories without recognizing they hold the same fundamental ideology.
Isn't it time for progressive change at PB and demand a more progressive Chief -Moderator?

This is how Polly Jones put it (in her comments):
[Scott Tribe] should quit. In fact, I will make the promise that I will quit, if he quits too.
And, if I may suggest, can it be someone that is not affiliated directly to one of the main political parties and/or to Jason Cherniak?


Update: Scott has sent me a personal email to explain his side of the story. Anyone interested in a copy can send me an email

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