Tuesday, May 01, 2007

BT has climate report advice for Harper

It's not ChuckerCanuck's own advice, but I believe thinking for yourself has never been high on the BTories qualifications list. And isn't blogging and thinking at the same time something that only other people can do? Here's the advice:

In my introduction I put: "climate change will cause mass extinction and enslave the world's poorest." In my conclusion I put: "governments must act now and an international carbon trading market is the only way to do it or else we are all worse than Nazis." No one will bother with what's in between.
Now don't stop at just writing the plan, please execute it too!

Good advice, but I doubt Steve will take notice. Steve has been spending all day now to get his stories (lies) straight again; it's getting harder every day and his cronies aren't really helpin' lately.

Well Steve, who told you that being PM would be easy?

Read the whole story.

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