Thursday, May 31, 2007

(video) Stephane Dion booed at labour rally

Progressive-lite leader Stephane Dion was not welcome at yesterdays labour Rally. Here's what happened (thanks to CPAC and YouTube).

OTTAWA — Thousands of union members gathered on Parliament Hill today to demand government action to halt the disappearance of manufacturing jobs and Liberal Leader Stephane Dion was booed when he joined other opposition MPs speaking at the rally.


Dion, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe told the rally that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has taken a laissez-faire approach to the difficulties of the manufacturing sector, dismissing the loss of jobs as a result of global economic changes.


But Dion was heckled and booed by union members chanting "anti-scab, anti-scab" to object to the Liberals' lack of support for legislation that would prevent federally regulated companies from hiring replacement workers.

- Toronto Star: Dion booed at labour rally
- Globe and Mail: Dion speech booed at labour protest rally
- Progressive Lite
- Globe and mail: video
- Devin Johnston: Why Dion Was Booed and Why He Deserved It


Jason Cherniak said...

It actually looks worse in print than on video.

Erik Abbink said...

"It actually looks worse in print than on video."

I couldn't disagree more with you, Jason. While there was a warm welcome for Jack! and Duceppe, Dion was clearly being heckled by the overwhelming majority of protesters, which made him clearly look like a looser.

"Image is everything", Jason, and "it" doesn't look good.

janfromthebruce said...

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Now where did I hear those words of wisdom and experience before?

Blogging Horse said...

Everyone remembers the image of Stanfield's failure to catch the football and the effect it had on his political future.

This video may well be remembered as the image of Dion's failure to catch that working families don't trust him.

Stick around to witness the effect it has on the Liberal Party's future.

Erik Abbink said...

Indeed , Jan, more than a thousand words.

Blogging horse, I'm not sure how much effect "it" will have, but it was certainly poignant to see that Stephane Dion was the only one that was heckled; labour is not impressed by the Libs.

But of course, Dion's personal driver, Mr. Jason Cherniak (what people will do to please the Lord of the Libs), suggests that the video is a mere blot, less damning than it;s written equivalence.

I considered deleting his message (he deletes most of my comments on his blog). But then I thought, let the idiot expose himself, for what he is.

Thanks Jan and Blogging Horse for backing me up.

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