Monday, April 21, 2008

Taser is suing US medical examiner and wants death certificates cleansed from any reference to the Taser weapon

Taser maker wants Summit death certificates revised
Opening arguments were done in Summit County Common Pleas Court this morning in a case examining whether the use of Tasers contributed to three local deaths.

The company that makes the stun-gun like weapons is suing Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa Kohler for her finding that Tasers were — at least partially — to blame in the three cases. The City of Akron, whose officers were involved in one of the incidents, is siding with Taser.

The civil trial, before visiting Judge Ted Schneiderman, is expected to last through Thursday, with both sides calling competing expert witnesses. Kohler will testify either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Taser wants Schneiderman to order that the death certificates be changed to remove any reference to the weapons being responsible for the deaths.

- Taser maker wants Summit death certificates revised


Pale said...

Well. If Stun gun intl wins this one. There will be a push to no accountability for any company after that.

Hey kids! New from Roynco...

Anonymous said...

Reported they won.

But don't fret; the ever increasing body count will eventually catch-up to them. Then the senior staff will find the legal system turning against them personally. These guys will not be rich when they're old.

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