Wednesday, April 02, 2008

RCMP is getting ready to taser babies

The RCMP loves tasering people of all sorts and ages. So why not tasering babies?

Babies can get pretty annoying, especially when they won't let you sleep. If you think that's enough to get tasered these days, think again:

An RCMP detachment in a suburb of Victoria, B.C., is being accused of misusing a Taser stun gun on a 15-year-old boy who was being arrested for disobeying a court-ordered curfew for a mischief charge.

the boy was attempting to wriggle out of a police car when an officer fired a Taser shot into his leg.
Wait a minute! I thought the RCMP would only use the Taser as a weapon of last resort. Whose afraid of a fleeing teenager?

But things got a lot worse from there:
Shortly after, the boy began kicking the police-car door from the inside and the officer decided to use the Taser again, on the boy's chest, the report says.
Well, a 15 year old boy kicking a police car from the inside, that's enough reason to Taser again and again, isn't it? Just as annoying as a crying baby would be. I'm glad I'm not married to a police officer who brings his/her taser home in the evening. I wouldn't trust him/her for moment with a crying baby.

There'll be no formal investigation into whether the Taser was improperly used in this case other than the standard review that is always done whenever a police weapon is deployed. Watch your babies.

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