Thursday, April 03, 2008

A is for Asshole - Meet Conservative MP Asshole Tom Lukiwski (video)

How much I love Conservatives like Tom, making things sooo easy for us. Watch and be appalled:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We – we would like to ask you a question. You are actually quite – quite – how can I put this delicately –
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- fucking old, eh?
TOM LUKIWSKI: Well, as we say in tour, I may be old, but I’m fucking A, eh.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And who is this A person?
TOM LUKIWSKI: Well, let me put it to you this way. There’s A’s and there’s B’s. The A’s are guys like me, the B’s are homosexual faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit diseases.

- Wikipedia: Tom Lukiwski
- Youtube: Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski's Hate Speech
- National Post: Sask. MP Lukiwski's homophobic comment


leftdog said...

People wonder why I SO disliked the Grant Devine government and have NEVER trusted Wall much either!

Eric said...

This simply is disgusting. Nobody needs to take this kind of shit from anyone, and especially not from the politically correct Conservative Party. Time to resign, Mr. Lukiwski!

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