Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wanna topple the Conservative Government? Focus on the Cadman Bribery, Stupid!

Adam Radwasnki in the Globe and Mail today:

In the same Question Period that Jack Layton calls for the head of his chief of staff, Stephen Harper praises the NDP leader for asking good questions.

Naturally, this was in the context of the Liberals not asking good questions. One is left to draw two conclusions:

1.) If the Prime Minister enthusiastic about questions on the NAFTA leak, and angry about questions on the Cadman affair, that's a pretty good indication which topic the opposition should be focusing on. (Hint: not NAFTA)

2.) If you're the leader of an opposition party, and the Prime Minister is saying nice things about you in Question Period, it's pretty obvious you're not doing your job properly.

He couldn't be more right.

- Globe and Mail: Too cute by half


pogge said...

1. If you take Stephen Harper's reactions at face value then you haven't been paying attention.

2. While the Cadman story may provide fodder for a future election campaign, the only way it "topples the Conservative government" is if it becomes the subject of a motion of non-confidence which the Liberals support since the NDP and the BQ between them don't have the numbers. If you think the Liberals are interested in bringing the government down in the short term, then you haven't been paying attention.

Erik said...


1. I agree
2. We'll see


leftdog said...

Two things:
-1) It was inevitable that the Conservatives would be into some kind of scandal in due course (this is the trademark of Tory governments).

2) Hell, I hope that Harper is juggling a variety of scandals as we go to an election. (death by a thousand paper cuts)!

Erik said...


1. I agree, although I think its more due to the two-party system (Libs/Cons) than anything else. I've seen a lot of dutch politics (PR) in my life, which is far more democratic than Canada's. No prime minister would be able to govern with such serious criminal allegations: a motion of confidence would be on the table within a day and the cabinet would fall.

2. I'm starting to believe there IS a god. Hallelujah!

Saskboy said...

It's a fricken bribe. It's a crime. A Criminal is the Prime Minister, and the proof is on TAPE. For crying out loud, this is a strange week if it ends with Harper's government not having confidence lost in it. I don't care if the Liberals are disorganized, if they don't see this is their last chance to move and win, they are fools.

Sadly, I fear they are.

leftdog said...

I agree ... so where are the GUTLESS chickenshit Liberals!!

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