Monday, March 03, 2008

A question for the Prime Minister of Canada that needs to be answered

Prime Minister,

Doesn't the Zytaruk tape tell us that you asked two of your officials, probably Flanagan and Finlay, to make the case that Chuck Cadman could possibly be receiver of financial considerations for supporting the Conservative Party?

If so I can only conclude the following:

Prime Minisiter Harper, (a) being the holder of a judicial office [...] directly or indirectly, [...] [attempted] to obtain, for another person [Chuck Cadman], [financial] consideration, [in return for support of the Conservative Party][...]

And that's a crime: 14 years maximum.

- Buckdog: Transcript Of Harper Interview With Author Zytaruk Shows Contradictions With Tories Current Claims
- Wikipedia: Chuck Cadman
- Wikipedia: Tom Flanagan
- Audio: Zytaruk recording
- The Turner Report: "Shame"

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