Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No, YOU're an asshole and YOU get lost, Mr. Sarkozy!

Nicolas Sarkozy's popularity just got another hit. A president calling a bystander an asshole doesn't really make one more popular, or does it?

Nearly one million people from France saw the amateur movie, and how Mr. Sarkozy said "get lost, you asshole" after the man had refused to shake his hand.

These latest denigrating comments by Sarkozy show that Sarkozy is not the right man in the right position. And this is not the only proof; a pattern of "bad" behaviour is evolving.

Divorcing and remarrying within three months, kozying up with wealthy cronies while enjoying luxurious holidays, these type of things are not taken lightly by the more traditional French. They're additional proof that Nicholas Sarkozy is not showing the sort of statesmanship one should be able to expect from the president of France.

Let's not forget the following video, in which he scolds his press secretary (calling him an "imbecile") for arranging a meeting with American TV that doesn't seem to fit in his schedule (in English). Mr Sarkozy, you're an asshole!

- Wikipedia: Nicolas Sarkozy
- Trouw: Nicolas Sarkozy overladen met kritiek na uitglijder (Dutch only)
- Youtube: Sarkozy at CBS

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sarkozy is *definitely* an asshole. did you see the bit about him complaining the Euro is too strong? That's borderline treason - take it from the country with the dropping currency. It's no fun.

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