Sunday, February 17, 2008

May I introduce to you: independent Kosovo

- Wikipedia: Kosovo


leftdog said...

I guess we wait now to see what Serbia will do - the level of right wing nationalism there is shocking and I wouldn't be surprised if there is some trouble.

leftdog said...

Here is the new flag of Kosovo.

Erik said...

Thanks Leftdog,

There was actually a parade of
at least 50 cars with flags (the old albanian red with two-headed eagle, but also Canadian flags) going right by my house, honking their horns; quite a celebration!

Iain MacLeod said...

I could not find an email address to contact you about the post you left on my blog regarding white phosphorus. I don't think you read my post properly - I wasn't saying that it was YOU who had copied my work unless this is you:

"a lovely paper that has been published in an online journal about the use of white phosphorus where the author, a law student that I won't name, very eloquently puts forward my ideas."

My work was copied and published in a law journal - I don't care if it is repeated in blogs. If you want to discuss this further you can email me -


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