Thursday, February 28, 2008

Film Fitna by Dutch MP Geert Wilders reason for Egypt boycott of Dutch children's film

From Radio Netherlands website:

The International Film Festival for Children in Cairo is boycotting the Dutch entry Where Is Winky's Horse? in protest at the imminent release of an anti-Islam film produced by Dutch MP Geert Wilders. It's the first time that a Dutch product has been boycotted in connection with the controversial film "Fitna" by the leader of the right-wing Freedom Party. The organisers of the festival have also boycotted the Danish entries.

Fitna will be a film in which Geert Wilders is taking the viewer through the Qur'an, he said in an interview with BN-De Stem newspaper on 9 February 2008. Using texts from Islam's Holy Book, and documentary footage, he intends to show that 'the terrible Qur'an is not a dead letter, but that it can cost us our freedom unless we act.'

Fitna means 'ordeal' or 'trial' in Arabic, and usually refers to situations where Muslims' faith is put to the test. The extreme nationalist right-wing MP sees Islam as a trial for Western democracies, after those of nazism and communism.'

Fitna's closing scene will involve a picture of the Prophet Mohammed. 'Something will happen to that picture, but I won't say what,' Mr Wilders said in the interview. Depicting the Prophet is considered a sacrilege by Muslims.

Government action
Two ministers summoned Mr Wilders on 27 February 2008 on behalf of the Dutch cabinet in an attempt to dissuade him from releasing his anti-Qur'an film. The government expects the film to damage the reputation of the Netherlands and to have consequences for Dutch businesses abroad.

The MP was warned that he could face prosecution for bringing out the film. Mr Wilders described the meeting as an attempt at intimidation.


- Radio Netherlands: Egypt boycotts Dutch children's film
- Wikipedia: Geert Wilders


Thiemo said...

On fitnathemovie i saw a great timeline

Anonymous said...

The Editor
The Australian

Dear Sir,


Referring to an article in the Australian "Breakout
from Islam's mental prison",it is surprising how
Westerners eagerly await someone to expose Islam,
rather than doing it themselves. The West fails to
understand that religious fanaticism almost overrules
any political gains, leaving most goverments helpless
in the hands of Religious fanatics. Sheer timidity in
exposing the anomalies in other faiths, almost brushes
aside any chance of safeguarding the faith, values and
beliefs of its own people.

The arabic Islam is about 1430 years old , the Prophet
Muhammed being born in the year 580 AD. At the age of
40, he was escort to a widow Khadeeja, whose uncle
Waraqah bin Nawfal, was a merchant and an Arab
Christian. At that time, there were Christians,
Jews(Yehudi) and pagans living in Saudi Arabia,
Nujran(Yemen) and other parts of the Arab world, But
there were NO Muslims. When Muhammed grew up he
married Maria, a Coptic Christian slave girl, who bore
him his only son Ibrahim. The Prophet Muhammed, died
in the year 632 AD, in Mecca.

Christianity failed in the Arab World in the absence
of an arabic Bible--the arab Christians stuck to the
"oral" traditions of practising Christianity, thereby
resulting in tremendous patronage for the arabic
Quran, when it arrived many years after Prophet
Muhammed's death. In the days of the Prophet , the
pagan arabs worshipped idols known as the daughters of
Allah.Muhammed tried to remove the idols from Mecca,
but was driven out to Yathrib or Medina, in the North,
where he gained more followers, for his beliefs. At
Yathrib,he asked his followers to face Jerusalem for
their prayers as the Yehudi or Jews were doing in
those days. This came to be known as the old qiblah or
old direction of prayer. He later returned to Mecca,
removed the idols, built a kaaba, and asked his
followers to face the New Qiblah or in the direction
of Mecca, ( Chp 2 the Quran)--a change criticised in
the Quran with the verse "when we change verses they
say he is an impostor". Apart from the change in
direction, the Prophet also misinterpreted the
Christian's Sign of the Cross as- Father, Mother
and Son, instead of what a Christian says, Father, Son
and the Holy Spirit", That is why he asks in the Quran
"Jesus did you tell your followers to take Mary your
mother, as God besides God ?? Illiterate Muslims also
claim that Jesus was a Prophet, even when it is a
known fact that the Twelve Apostles of Jesus are
"higher" in rank than all the Prophets, teachers,
prophesiers, etc..etc (Corinthians 1 chp 12 verse 28
). Jesus also claimed to be God, which no other
Prophet has done. "The Father lives in me, and I with
the Father..."(The Holy Bible). The Father whom talk
about is the God of Creaton,which no other religion
talks about.

The word Muslim is the present adjective of Islam ,
the earlier one being Muhammedan or followers of the
Prophet Muhammed. A verse on Abu Lahab in the final
pages of the Quran, only proves how intolerant Islam
is, as also the law which considers muslims as
"apostate" in case they convert to other faiths.
Seclusion of women during those "five days" and
"beating of disobedient muslim women" are all
examples of how rigid and extremist Islam is, in spite
of all the boasts of the likes of Osama bin Laden and
the Taliban. Beheadings and stoning to death are
common on all Fridays in most Arab cities, and so also
is adultery, and fornication both inside and outside
the Arab world.

The West failed in its endeavour to stand up fir its
faith, values and beliefs, resulting in its citizens
blindly turning victims to Islamists. Sheer timidity
in Exposing other faiths also saw the West succumbing
to the demands of many facist communities from Asia,
failing to understand that they were not coming to the
west for nothing--but were sent there. The west now
finds itself in a bind. The West must now "standup"
for its faith,values and beliefs. No more pandering,
no more TIMIDITY. No more "favourites".

Reference BOOKS :
1. "The Quran" An English Version by N J Dawood
2. Muhammed Man and Prophet by M A Salahi.

Anthony Fernandes
by e-mail

Anonymous said...

I have read your article in regards to Islam. I must say, this work is not properly referenced and the referenced you have used have not been clearly justified. Therefore, before making such accusation, I would strongly suggest that you read and understand the real meaning of Islam. Historically, Islam is the last regliou revealed to us by God. There were many reglous before that and the Islam knowledge all these reglious. Your article is very bias and purely based on the attacks of islam and hating. This would not get you anywhere, because it is protected by God, anyone who insults or unjustified any regliou will be dealt with accordingly. If you are interested in writing articles you must first comprehend the meaning, which is clearly lacking in your article and is based on your own opinion. Islam does not condemn abhorrence, nor does it encourage violent behaviour, it simply states the need to protect one-self, this is called self defence. If something that means something to you like your own life, you will protect and safeguard it against in justification; therefore, this explains the behaviours of any Muslims when reacting to such publications because Islam is
Peaceful, and it can governs a whole civilization, it has laws in every aspects of daily life, whether it is economical, social, health and political. Think about all the crimes committed by criminals, reasons they do it is they don’t get severely punishments, think about loan sharks who charges us shocking interests because of missing payment, think about the poor people who never receive anything from the riches, all these are disenouraged in Islam, therefore, people are encouraged, to give, abstains from any criminal activities, and banks are encourage to be fair to costumers. Islam promotes peaceful life. Seriously think about it and read about it and you will be surprised by the kindness Islam teaches people.

I would strongly urge you to do full research about Islam and understand the real meaning of its teaching and simplicity.

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