Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Geert Wilders' Anti-Koran Movie Delayed; Wilders opion piece NOW in Dutch national paper De Volkskrant (1)

While Dutch MP is still editing his movie, Netherlands National Anti-Terrorism Coordinator Joustra warned Mr. Wilders that he will most likely have to leave the country due to security concerns.

It is interesting to read Mr. Wilder's opinion piece titled "Netherlands ruled by the Fear for Islam", which will probably be published in the Volkskrant of Wednesday January 23, 2008 (now already online).

In this opinion piece, he's tryng to convince readers that there
's a fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity (rush translation):

"Imagine that when people had learned by the end of November last year that I was going to make a movie about the fascistic character of the Bible. That I had argued in an article that I would want to ban the Bible, and forwarded a motion in the Tweede Kamer (parliament).

Would our prime minister then have used the words "severe crisis" to describe the situation? Would there have been a special [secret] meeting between ministers involved and the National Anti-Terrorism Coordinator? Would the editors-in-chief of several Dutch public news shows have convened to discuss how to approach this release [broadcast or not]? [...]

Would the Vatican, would the nuntius of several archbishops of Catholic countries have uttered a similar message as the muftis of Syria and Jerusalem, namely that I'm responsible for any bloodshed that would take place after the showing of the movie? [...]

Would mayors accross The Netherlands have held meetings with priests and clergymen and ask of them not tobe provoked [by the movie]? Would I have received many tens of death threats in the last few weeks? [...]

Would the Dutch Embassies in contries where many christians live, like Germany and Belgium, have notified their citizens, and would they have made plans for possible evacuations? Would Dutch businesses have been affraid that due to the film, their export of their products to countries with many christians would have been jeopardized? [...]

Of course not.

But now this movie is not about the Bible but about the Koran, now government, media, Muslims and others have been in a hysterical panic? How can this be explained?

First of all, Islam is an intolerant ideology that does not stand criticism. Pictures of the Sooreh Hera, the Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdie, the movie "Submission" from Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh, Danish cartoons, a joke from Rudi Carrell, the opera "Aisha and the women of Medina, or my movie, time and again severe reaction will come from the Muslim world. There seems to be no place for self-reflection or self-criticism within the Islam, while responsibility and self-control is alien.
part 2 hopefully in my next posting: to be continued....

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arashair said...

There is something this guy should consider. It is not the church who doesn't response violently if u make a movie about bible. The church was heck of a lot more fanatic and violent than the muftis in the Islamic nations.
It is the people, the society which got the administration and power from the church.
Nowadays, Vatican still loves to have as much influence as before (Remember how the Pope supported the trial of Galileo just because his opinion was against the will of the church). They didn't change. No body really give them enough credit to make crisis. Even the believers.
Islam, on the other hand is far behind. Because alot of Muslims Muslims still don't want to make a limit for their clerics.
It is not Islam and Christianity. It is how people deal with them.
In fact, all the religions are the same to a great extent.

dr naj said...

i am not a muslim fanatic i am just a borderline muslim...but to me islam is more than anything that i possess...I mean it and i will stand for it even if it costs me my life!!.Its not about why we muslims react when something like this happens time and again, its the matter of why you people do it when simple 'not doing it' is what can stop bloodshed to take place? For you relegion is something confined to just owning it as an identity for us its a complete way of living our lives...for you it wud just be going to church on sundays and for us its more dear to us than our parents, children...if somebody slaps ur mother, won't u react to it? For us its even bigger than this..shud'nt we even react? Lets not complicate things, you people who do it are psychoes, pompous...do it just for fame! or if u cared about humanity and relegions u wouldnt have ben doing it..

No offence what so ever!

Every relegion is sacred

and every relegion should be respected, coz humanity itself is one of the biggest relegion..lets do it for the sake of humanity!

Anonymous said...

What I always find amusing is no matter what article I read about Islamic extremism there is always someone willing to stand up and say we have the right to do it because Christians use to do it to us way back. How far back do we all have to dig to find an excuse for something bad. So here we are 2008, someone's excuse for killing over religion is because Galileo was persecuted by the Roman Catholic church? Because Christians did the crusades and this is simply payback? When does it all end and who decides when everyone is finally even? To me it all sounds like when I was a child and telling my mom I hit my brother because he hit me first...

Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders is in danger because of his opinions. He has strong opinions but he is a pacific and very reasonable person. He lives in a democratic (probably the most liberal) contry. It is much better for the world to become something similar to what is Netherlands today in the future than to some become some underdeveloped, undemmocratic, violent and corrupt Islamic country.

There´s no excuse for muslim people to threaten his life and his family on daily basis. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND THERE´S NO EXCUSES FOR THAT!

Anonymous said...

All religions are the work of Satan. Those who follow any religion will end up in hell. The path to peace and prosperity is religionless love for god. God never sent any religion to earth. God is there, religion is man made under the direction of Satan. Wherever there is religion, there is blood, killing, rape and war. Children must be banned from church and mosques.

Anonymous said...

There is another one of those "Biblical" religions that can not stand any criticism whatsoever that has been largely overlooked.

For instance since 1948 a group of religious people have occupied an area of land in Palestine that was originally not theirs. Since then they continue to oppress the people of that land with terrible human rights abuses, and all that the people of Gaza and the West Bank can do is essentially fight back with crude home made bombs. The invaders of this land have such wealth and worldwide connections that they have the most sophisticated technology available. Their country is none other than Isreal, and the people there mainly follow Judaism. (Though not all Jews think that violence should be used to sustain their claim to the land). By the way all of this falls under "Zionism", and makes for an interesting historical read if you Google it. Please understand I am not saying that Judaism is bad or wrong, but I am saying that the occupation of a territory illegally and violently is BAD.

The Western media always paints "Islam as bad", "Islam as bad" over and over again, to stop people from turning their attention to this matter. Remember who who runs most of the Western media and television (Hollywood??). Can you guess who it is that's painting Islam as bad? It is a typical tactic used by someone who tries to divert attention away from something "bad" that they have done, like terrorize people in another country for 50 years. Kind of like a spoiled brat who doesn't want to confess that they stole some cookies from the cookie jar?

Try to question the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank publicly and I'll bet that you'll have an even sharper reaction to that of criticizing Islam, except that the reaction will be more skillfully executed. (i.e. Either you just won't hear about it in the news, so people won't think about it. Or, they will call you antisemitist, and a racist).

Like right now for instance, Gaza and the West bank are being boycotted, with barely enough power and water to survive. The conditions were so bad, that they had to break into Egypt to buy food. Hear any news about that lately? I have not. Isn't that kind of important??

It's interesting that all of this happened when Bush wanted to establish a middle-east peace plan between Isreal and Palestine. Hear anything about that lately?? I guess that *someone* didn't like the terms for the peace plan and it disappeared from the face of public knowledge.

See - every major religion has it's idiocracy, even the ones hide behind false media.

Anonymous said...

If Geert Wilders bases the contents of his film on islamic sources such as the Quran and Hadith to discredit the religion, i say why not ? If muslims then get upset, the question is 'why?'. Don't blame the messenger ! Blame the source !

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