Monday, January 21, 2008

Israeli Jews keep killing Palestinians at a disproportional rate; and there's more...

The Progressive reports today that Israel continues their disproportionate killing of Palestinians in Gaza:

In the first 72 hours after Bush left the MidEast, Israel killed 37 Palestinians and injured more than 90, many of them civilians. Israel said these attacks were in response to crude rocket assaults from militants in Gaza, which injured two Israelis.
But it doesn't seem to stop there:
[...] Israel is now engaging in collective punishment against all Palestinians in Gaza. It closed the borders on January 18, so not even the UN humanitarian supplies could get in. As a result, hospitals in Gaza are running out of medicine.
And there's more:

And now Israel has cut off electricity to Gaza, leaving an entire population literally in the dark. Palestinians have no way of getting clean water or staying warm during cool nights or getting enough food or cooking oil for their children, or any fuel to get to and from work.

So can Israel just do as it pleases? What about international law?

Collective punishment has long been against international law, and it violates the Geneva Conventions.

The U.N. Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories called Israel’s actions “serious war crimes.”

War crimes, war crimes, who cares?

- the Progressive: Israel Metes Out Collective Punishment of Palestinians, Bush Yawns


Steve said...

If they stop sending rockets, and suicide bombers, and suicide shooters, and suicide drive-the-bus-into-the-crowds guys.
If they stop electing murderers, if they stop teaching their kids that Jews use their blood to make matzo...

In other words, if they become humans then it will all be okay.
Don't bet on it. Islam has been murdering people for 1400 years.

Erik said...

Don't bet on it. Islam has been murdering people for 1400 years.

And how exactly is that any different from Christianity or Judaism?

Looks like somebody is a little prejudice here....

I know, I know, Jews are by far superior then "they" (Palestinians?) are.

But the fact of the matter today is, that Israeli Jews keep killing Palestinians at a disproportionate rate. And that's a fact which does not particularly reflect well on those "human" Israeli Jews.

I suppose you consider killing Palestinians a human quality, Steve? Just wondering.

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