Monday, September 04, 2006

InSite: Attacking Harper's "New Fascist" ideology works!

Harper's idea about InSite, Vancouver's safe-injection site? Close it down.

There's plenty of reason to believe that the program to save the lives of addicted drug addicts is working, yet Harper does not want to fully support it, yet. Or, should I say, it doesn't fit the Conservative ideology?

Margaret Somerville (McGill University's Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law) said it well:

"It can't be simply, 'We have a political platform and our platform is nobody is going to be helped in any way in terms of drug addiction behaviour or illness.' That would be wrong in my view."

And in my view too. Drug addicts are people too, only weakened by their addiction. Killing the weak is a fascist idea, practised by Nazi Germany to purify their own people. With the slogan "Volksgenosse, das ist auch Dein Geld" (Fellow Germans, this is your money too) the Nazis pointed out the financial benefit of killing the weak.

These days we're dealing with the New Fascism, which comes with a smile. The New Fascism doesn't kill the weak and disabled, at least not in the old way, thank God! But it doesn't help them either: ideology and message are very similar.

This message delivered by Harper is a good example (campaign statement December 2005):
"We as a government will not use taxpayers' money to fund drug use"
And the new ideology is not all that different either: Conservatives have no intention to help the weak and the poor. Lowering taxes is supposed to be the one and all "gift" to all people; social programs are a waste of money and can therefore be cut.

Are the Conservatives the New Fascists? Do the Conservatives really wish to see all drug addicts dying from overdosis or infected needles, rather sooner than later?

The InSite program works: it saves lives. And that message is hard to beat. Reason CAN overcome backwards ideology. Halleluhia! But it takes pressure, a lot of pressure. Are we up to it?

PS Doesn't the German doctor in the white jacket look a lot like Stephen Harper? The resemblance is frightening!

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